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5 Cool Facts About Muscles

Maybe you wish you had giant muscles like the superheroes you see in the movies.

If so, first you need to understand how they work, and why it’s so important to take care of your muscles!

In this post, we’re telling you 5 of our favorite facts about muscles, one of the coolest things about the human body.

Fascicle Muscle Shapes

1. You Have Lots Of Muscles In Your Body

First on our list of awesome facts about muscles? Did you know that you have over 650 different types of muscles?

43 of these muscles are in your face. You may have heard that it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 of your facial muscles to smile.

Actually, that’s an urban legend – it’s not true.

Theodore Roosevelt laughing

2. There Are Different Types Of Muscles

Second on our list of facts about muscles?

There are actually 3 different kinds of muscle tissue in your body.

They are:

1) Cardiac muscle:

These muscles are inside your heart. Cardiac muscles are what helps to make sure enough blood pumps through your heart. They are very important!

heart with muscle damage

2) Skeletal muscle:

These muscles are actually attached to your bones and skeleton.

You use these muscles to walk, and even to nod your head!


3) Smooth muscle:

These muscles are inside some of your organs, like the stomach and your intestines. These are the muscles that can move food through your stomach, and they help you go to the bathroom.

3. All About The Gluteus Maximus!

It may sound like the name of a Roman warrior, but your Gluteus Maximus is actually the largest muscle in the human body. Sometimes, you may here people calling them “glutes.”

Gluteus maximus location

It’s a very important muscle with a funny location – this is the muscle on your bottom.

It helps you to sit up straight without hurting your back.

It also helps you to be able to walk, run, and even climb trees!

leopard in a tree

4. Facts About Muscles In Your Tongue

Your tongue doesn’t just help you to taste delicious foods, like pizza and chocolate.

It also has 8 muscles in it and is actually about 10 centimeters long!

A lot of people think your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body, but that isn’t true.


When you roll your tongue (if you can), you’re using your tongue muscles.

Try it out now!

Isn’t science awesome?


5. Your Muscles Are Heavy!

Last on our list of facts about muscles?

They are probably much heavier than you think!

Even if you don’t have superhero muscles, they still make up about 40% your total body weight!

Did You Enjoy This List Of Facts About Muscles?

Thanks to this list, you and your friends now know some of the most important facts about muscles.

Hopefully, this list has also shown you how important it is to take care of your body.

You need to exercise and eat healthy foods to keep your muscles strong, so they can continue to help your body function.


Want to learn other cool facts about lots of different things, like the earth and animals?

Check out your website and show it to your teacher, parents, and friends. They’ll be impressed with everything you’ve learned!

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