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5 Herbivore Dinosaurs That Ruled the Earth

Dinosaurs are some of our favorite animals!

We really like herbivore dinosaurs, because these are the dinosaurs that did not eat meat.

Instead, they ate plants, leaves, and other herbs. They were not carnivores (meat eaters).


Want to learn more about these dinosaurs?

Check out our list of our 5 favorite herbivore dinosaurs that lived over 65 million years ago!

1. Triceratops

This is one of the most famous herbivore dinosaurs!

It has three horns on its head, which they used to defend themselves against predators.

In fact, the name triceratops actually means “three-horned face.”

They lived during the Cretaceous Period, and they weighed over 5 tons! That’s almost as much as a dump truck!

dino age

2. Stegosaurus

This is another one of the most famous dinosaurs in history!

Stegosaurus lived during the Jurassic Period.

It’s probably best known for the row of spikes on its back and tail. Some of these 17 different plates were over 2 feet wide!

When a predator attacked, the stegosaurus would swing its tail to stay safe.

Like the Triceratops, it was also enormous. In fact, it was about the size of a school bus!

A funny fact about stegosaurus? His brain was about the size of a hotdog bent in half!

dinosaur tuatara

3. Diplodocus

The Diplodocus was one of the longest of all the dinosaurs!

It is famous for its strange body shape, which looked a little bit like a brontosaurus, but longer and thinner.

In fact, their necks were over 20 feet long! They lived in what is today North America.

They weighed between 10-15 tons!

They lived during the Jurassic Period, probably even alongside the Stegosaurus.

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4. Centrosaurus

Centrosaurus was one of the herbivore dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous Period.

It lived in what is today Alberta, a large city in Canada.

It’s important to know your geography, too!

Its name means “Pointed Reptile,” and most people know it by the giant horn that it used to defend itself.

It was about 20 feet long, and it often moved in herds.

Moving with other dinosaurs helped herbivores like Centrosaurus to stay safe from predators.

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5. Gallimimus

Last but not least on our list of dinosaurs is Gallimimus, which also lived during the Cretaceous Period.

This dinosaur walked upright, on two legs. They were very fast and could get up to 43 miles per hour. That’s as fast as a car!


Its name actually means “rooster,” probably because it had a very long neck.

Which One Is Your Favorite On Our List Of Herbivore Dinosaurs?

Maybe you even have more than one!

Even if you weren’t around all those millions of years ago, you can still learn a lot about these dinosaurs today.

You can always go to a museum to check out dinosaur bones!


Some exhibits have actually reconstructed these dinosaurs out of plaster, paint, and electronics. They can move, walk, and roar!

We’ve heard you can even pet a T-Rex, but remember – he’s a meat-eater!

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You’ll be the smartest person in your class!


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