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6 Fun Elephants Facts

What is huge, has tusks and big ears?

That’s right, an elephant!

Many of us don’t know a lot about the elephant aside from basic characteristics. But, these animals are more than just gray mammals who roam the land and spend time cooling off in the mud.

If you want to learn fun facts about elephants, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to learn cool facts about elephants that are sure to wow you.

Hannibal in Italy on elephant

1. There are two species of elephants

Elephants can be found in two areas in the world: Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants. They also have smaller rounder ears.

African elephants are bigger overall. In fact, their ears resemble the shape of Africa.

How cool is that?

African slave trade

2. The trunk is more than just a long nose

We all know that elephants have trunks, but do you know what a trunk does?

A trunk is an elephant’s nose, but it does so much more than just smell things!

In fact, a trunk is used to:

  • smell
  • breathe
  • drink
  • grab food and other items
  • trumpet

An elephant’s trunk is made of 100,000 muscles. The human body only has upwards of 700 muscles!


3. Elephants love to eat

Fun facts about food are always exciting!

It’s no surprise that an animal so big eats a lot of food. But did you know that elephants eat up to almost 500 pounds of food in a day?

In fact, most of their time is spent eating. It is said that the gentle giants spend 16 hours eating!

The rest of the time is spent walking, collecting food and spending time with the rest of the herd.

4. Elephants are natural swimmers

It’s crazy to think that an animal so big could swim, right?

Despite their size, elephants love the water! You can often find them swimming and diving for fun.

Water is good for such a big animal because it gives their joints a break from carrying so much weight.


5. Elephants use their feet to hear

Would you ever think that feet could be used to hear?

Elephants are able to listen using their feet! They are able to pick up subsonic noises and other vibrations in the ground.

Elephants often put their trunks to the ground to locate other elephants.

This listening technique is also used to be aware of potential predators.

6. Elephants are emotional creatures

Don’t let their size fool you! Just because they are huge doesn’t mean that elephants lack feelings.

In fact, elephants are gentle giants. They are said to be extremely caring and sensitive.

They are capable if expressing compassion, grief, and self-awareness.

There are more fun facts for you to learn!

Learning is fun, especially when you can learn quick fun facts about all sorts of topics!

Are you interested in learning about animals? Why not start there and see what more you can discover!

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