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About Cool Kid Facts


Hi, Anton here. I created CoolKidFacts as a free educational resource for teachers, students and just everyone really to learn more about the world around them.

We cover a range of facts related to Geography, History, Planets, Science, Animals and much more!

We also have lots of quizzes, worksheets and activities to keep both kids and teachers engaged and smiling 🙂

We hope you enjoy our site, and that you will spread the word to other teachers and friends. Should you have any feedback or inquiries, please do feel free to contact us.


All of our content is 100% kid-friendly, so you can be sure you can browse safely in class and at home.

To learn more about staying safe online, visit the FBI’s Safe Online Surfing page.

Our ‘No AI’ Policy

AI does not prioritize you; we do!! Misplaced facts and lazy AI writing get you blacklisted. Here at Blackbook, we ensure our clients get hand-crafted content that checks all boxes of ingenuity; and is not tedious!! 

Happy learning!

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