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The Atom Quiz

Test your knowledge of the atom by trying these quiz questions below!

You can find all the answers on the atom page!



1 – What is the most basic building block for all of the matter in the universe?

2 – What are the different parts of an atom?

3 – What parts are found in the nucleus of an atom?

4 – Which part of an atom has a negative charge?

static electricity

5 – Which part of an atom has no charge?

6 – Which part of an atom has a positive charge?

7 – How long can atoms last?

8 – Which particle in an atom helps to determine the mass of the atom?

9 – Which particles will always have the same number in an atom?

10 – Which part of the atom is found outside the nucleus and is in constant motion?



Make sure you don’t peek at the answers before you give your own answer!

1 – Atoms

2 – Proton, Electron, Neutron

3 – Proton and Neutron

4 – Electron

5 – Neutron


6 – Proton

7 – Forever

8 – Neutron

9 – Electrons and Protons

10 – Electrons

How did you do at the atom quiz? Let us know!


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