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Interesting & Fun Badminton Facts for Kids (2024 Updated!)

We all know Badminton; you might have even watched badminton games on the TV with your parents. It looks like a spirited and fun game. But did you know that Badminton was invented way before you or your parents or your grandparents were born? Badminton has roots from ancient Greece, China and India. 

Badminton Facts for Kids

You might have already heard about an old children’s game called Battledore and Shuttlecock. I even played it when I was a kid like you. Our Badinton has modern origins from battledore and shuttlecock. 

Badminton was also directly derived from a game known as Poona, which used to be played by British Army officers stationed in India during the 1860s. The game later made it to England and became famous. 

Today, badminton is an event in the Olympics, and it has other international tournaments such as the BWF World Championships, Thomas Cup, etc. 

Let us look into 11 cool Badminton facts for kids like you! Curious and cool!

Interesting Badminton facts for kids

1. Fast and Furious Shuttlecocks 

Badminton holds a world title. Guess what? It is the fastest racket sport, with shuttlecocks reaching speeds over 200mph. It is as fast as some Lamborghini and Ferrari car models!

Badminton Player starting Shuttlecock

Sometimes, even faster than some of the fastest animals on earth!

2. Badminton’s Olympic Entry

Badminton officially joined the Olympic family in 1992 and has had some incredible smashes, drops and rallies ever since. 

But it was only a demonstration sport in 1972 and as an exhibition sport in 1988 until it got full medal status in 1992 with mixed doubles (each side a team of a man and a woman as partners) added in 1996. 

3. Jump Smash

You might have seen superheroes such as Ironman or Spiderman in movies jumping in the air to beat up their enemy. Well, badminton players perform a move called the “jump smash”, jumping into the air to deliver a powerful shot. 

Player jumping for hit

This is like a slum dunk in basketball but with a badminton twist!

4. Shuttlecock Aerodynamics

Do you know what shuttlecocks are designed for? For optimal flight, it spends a fair amount of time in the air between being hit by the bats. 

What makes them fly like this? Well, they have an open conical shape and feathers (or synthetic feathers) that help them do the trick. 

5. Asian Dominance in Badminton

Asian rock at Badminton! Since Badminton became an event in the Olympics, Asin players have won 93 out of 103 Olympic medals in badminton. 

Badminton player at Asian Games

Maybe it’s the Asian genes! Nobody knows why!

6. The Badminton Birth

As I have mentioned already, Badminton was born way before all of us, buddy! It was officially born in 1873, around 150 years ago, in England. 

Learn the rules of Badminton well before playing, written by humanity’s great-great-grandparents; hence, they must be wise!

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7. Why is badminton called “badminton”?

Badminton got its name from Badminton House. What’s that? It is the country estate of the Dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England, where the game was first played in 1873. 

Quite a mouthful, right?

8. Feathers and Strings

Fun fact: the best shuttlecocks are made particularly from 16  left-wing feathers of geese. Why? For flexibility and strength!

Shuttlecocks made from feathers

Gross fact: Early badminton rackets had strings made from the animal gut! Yuck! 

9. How famous is Badminton? 

Old people playing Badminton

I am sure you watch football. They’re the no.1 most popular sport in the world. Badminton comes right after in the 2nd position as the most popular sport in the world. Approximately 339 million people play it weekly!

10. Shortest and Longest Matches

Wait, you’re going to find this interesting. The shortest badminton match ever was only 6 minutes long! It was in the year 1996 when Ra Kyung-min (South Korea) beat Julia Mann (England).  Super fast game, huh!

On the flip side, the longest match in history made people binge for  2 hours and 41 minutes. The game was in 1997, and Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) beat Sun Jun (China). 

What did I say about Asia? It only took 6 minutes for them to win, but it took 2 hours and 41 minutes to beat them! Funny huh!

11. Badminton and well-being

If you want to learn badminton, make these points to your parents. It helps kids with flexibility, strategic thinking, memory, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, mental resilience and so much more. Also, it is fun! 

FAQs and some additional facts

What is the fastest shot ever recorded in badminton?

The fastest badminton hit in the competition was 332 kph (206 mph) by Fu Haifeng of China during the 2005 Sudirman Cup.

Are there any health benefits for kids playing badminton?

Absolutely! Badminton helps kids with flexibility, strategic thinking, memory, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and mental resilience.

What are the best shuttlecocks made of?

A shuttlecock is made with 16 feathers of the left wing of a goose for its flexibility, strength, and optimal aerodynamics.

What is the connection of badminton to India?

Badminton has roots in India, where it was known as “Poona.” British officers brought the game to England in the 1870s, leading to the modern version of badminton.

Final thought

Badminton is a great sport. There are amazing badminton players across the globe. The facts about badminton are not limited to this; there is a lot more to learn about it. It is interesting to learn about as well as to play. 

The game is designed with a lot of precision. Did you know that Badminton is an indoor game because even light winds can affect the movement of the lightweight shuttlecock? 

The whole world of badminton and sports in general is very interesting. They have a lot of benefits, too, even for kids. 

So, ask your parents, grab a racket and aim your shuttlecocks to the sky!