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Communism Facts For Kids

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and economist. In 1848, he wrote a book called the Communist Manifesto.

He is considered the Father of Communism and those who follow his ideas are known as Marxists.

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The basis of communism is the thought that everyone in the society should be equal. No group will be poorer than another and no group will be richer than another.

To accomplish this, the government controls everything.

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The government owns everything including property, industries, agriculture, transportation, all communications (TV, cable, radio, and newspapers), the hospitals and the schools.

And there is one central bank for the entire country controlled by the government. No one can inherit property or money.

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As a philosophy, communism should work for the betterment of the entire society.

However, in reality, this does not happen.

Whoever is in power finds ways to become richer and richer and opposition is prohibited, mostly by force. People are oppressed.


Voting is rigged, people are not allowed to demonstrate or complain, martial law is declared and the ‘government’ is in control of the army.

People could be made to work on work gangs and separated from their families. They could be arrested and jailed and never be given a trial.

Tenth Amendment Court Cases

Examples of Corruption

Communism began in Russia in 1917 with the October Revolution when the Bolshevik Party, led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew the government of the Tsar.

Lenin was a follower of Marxist ideas. When things settled down, Russia became known as the Soviet Union.

After WWII, the Soviet Union overtook several smaller countries in Eastern Europe.

Today, there are oligarchs in Russia who have become multi-billionaires controlling businesses and industries and the government.


They started out as friends of Vladimir Putin, receive favors, and then, become so corrupt that the wellness of the society is forgotten.

The government enacts laws that suppress the population so that they cannot complain for fear of imprisonment or death.

The same thing happened in the Philippines. Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda became so rich that they spent hundreds of millions buying property all around the globe.


It is estimated that Marco’s wealth exceeded $10 billion and was accumulated in just 21 years – between 1965 and 1986 while he was in office.

Marcos and his wife flew to Hawaii in 1986 and were in exile with hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign banks.


History has proven that the same thing has happened and is happening in Haiti, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Africa, South America, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Quiz Time!



Who was Karl Marx?

Give 5 examples of his ideas.

Why doesn’t true communism work?

What was the October Revolution?

Name 5 countries that could be called communist.

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Karl Marx was a German philosopher who, in 1848, wrote a book called the Communist Manifesto.

Karl Marx believed the government should own the industries, all property, transportation, communications, and schools.

True communism depends on the ruler being fair, not greedy, and to want the best for the population – no poor class, and no rich class.

The 1917 October Revolution was an uprising against the Tsar in Russia.

Some communist countries are China, North Korea, Nicaragua, Haiti and Iran.

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