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12 Fantastic England Facts For Kids 2024 [Must Read]

Are you trying to find fun facts about England? Here is a list of some fantastic facts about England, along with some other information about England in general, such as its total population, largest city, tallest peak, largest lake, etc.

England Facts For Kids

Few countries have an unforgettable impact on the world’s history, and England is one of them. The largest United Kingdom’s four nations are England (UK). Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland border England. England has 51 cities, with London serving as its capital.

Here are some basic facts about England:

12 Interesting facts about England

Dracula: Vlad the Impaler is distantly connected to Queen Elizabeth II

A fascinating truth about her majesty: it is accepted that Vlad the Impaler served as the actual model for the well-known vampire, Dracula. She is indirectly linked to Vlad the Impaler because she can trace her heritage.

England is where sparkling wine first appeared and a rolling cheese contest is held annually.

Sparkling wine first appeared in England

The process utilized by Dom Perignon was already in use in England, contrary to popular belief, which makes the English the true founders of sparkling wine. One of England’s more intriguing and distinctive facts is undoubtedly this one. The earliest recorded is from 1826; however, it’s believed that the cheese roll custom dates back much more. These days, tourists from other countries may attend this exciting event.

England’s is a comparably a tiny nation and its first capital was Winchester.

England first capital was Winchester

England is much smaller than the United States by 74 times, Australia by 59 times, and Japan by three times. England is approximately the size of Alabama when compared to the US States.

And did you know that London was England’s first capital? Guess again; Winchester was designated as the capital in 1519, while King Egbert got crowned here as early as 827.

The wettest cities in Europe: Leeds

The wettest cities in Europe

Yes, much like us Swedes, English folks enjoy discussing the weather, and it makes sense. Leeds has 1024 mm of precipitation annually, making it one of the rainiest cities in Europe.

The Monarch cannot go into the House of Commons.

England’s House of Commons has forbidden the entry of the reigning king, one of several strange old restrictions in English law. King Charles’ I forced the arrest of five MPs during a break in the English Parliament in 1642 led to the first adoption of the statute. Since then, the House of Commons is only open to the Monarch’s representative, known to wield a black rod. The law is still in effect today; Queen Elizabeth II has never attended the House of Commons; however, it is unclear exactly what would happen if she did.

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Prisons for England’s Debtors and Royal palaces

During the 18th and 19th centuries, debtors’ jails were widely used in England. They were only available to those who ran up debt and could not repay it. Additionally, it was a successful business. One of the numerous individuals who served time in a debtor’s jail was Charles Dickens’ father. Dickens later wrote about these facilities, immortalizing them in his works of fiction.

The oldest royal home in existence that is still in use by a king is Windsor Palace. Meanwhile, in 1702, where Buckingham Palace got constructed an infamous brothel existed!

London, the former capital of England

London, the former capital of England

Did you know that London has had several names throughout its more than 2,000-year history? When it got established by the Romans in 43 AD, it was known as Londinium. Later, under the reign of Alfred the Great, it was known as Ludenwic and Lunenburg.

A liking for tea

A liking for tea

The English are renowned for favoring tea over other beverages. More than in any other country, an estimated 165 million cups of tea are consumed daily in England. Although a nice cup of tea is an integral component of English culture, between 1974 and 2014, actual tea sales fell by over two-thirds. Although tea loss is frequently due to the advent of coffee culture in the UK, tea is still more popular than coffee.

You may travel from England to France via an underwater tunnel and there is a limit of 70 miles between you and the ocean.

England to France via an underwater tunnel

Although England is an island, connecting to mainland Europe and France through an underwater tunnel. You may drive from England to France. The two nations are separated by 50.45 kilometers.

England is a valid island country. No matter where you travel, you can never be more than 70 miles from the ocean (115 km). We have a long history of being a maritime nation due to our closeness to the open sea, and the tremendous heritage of the Royal Navy explains why we once had the largest empire in the world.

Inventor of the world wide web: An English scientist and Shakespeare had an impact on the English

We can use the internet the way we do now because of the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee. He created the World Wide Web, often known as the “WWW.”

William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright in the world, contributed almost 3,000 words to the English language, transforming it into the language we use today.

The winner of Fifa World Cup: England, in 1966 

Winner of Fifa World Cup

The Premier League and several elite football teams in England have helped elevate English football worldwide to a high level of respect. However, the national team doesn’t always live up to the great expectations of its fans.

A group of birds damaged London’s Big Ben.

A group of birds damaged London's Big Ben.

Yes, a group of birds damaged the enormous clock on Big Ben’s tower in 1945. When these birds fell on the clock’s minute hand, pointing to the number 9, their combined weight forced the clock to advance by almost five minutes.


Here are a few entertaining facts about England for youngsters. You now understand why England is one of the most well-liked nations in the world. You cannot dispute that the nation has palaces, tea, and a rich cultural legacy. You will learn something new daily!

We haven’t precisely found England’s hidden treasure trove of fascinating mysteries. But in connecting its people to its rich history, historical folklore, and significant cultural pleasures, we have just scratched the surface. Even though it won’t turn you into an authority, it will give you an advantage when starting a virtual view of England!

Everybody may learn a range of fascinating kid facts thanks to the fabulous creations of Cool Kid Facts! Come and discover more about some other amazing facts with us.

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