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34 Fascinating Summer Facts for Kids 2024! [Interesting Fun Facts]

Summer is a season that many people enjoy. The weather becomes hot and humid. However, frequent thunderstorms make up for this weather. 

During this time of year, summer fruits become available. These fruits help improve immunity and their low-calorie content helps reduce weight.

This season is a season of joy. People spend their days enjoying the summer break. Children wait all year round for this time of the year.

This season is also an indication of new beginnings. Summer references a better and more prosperous year.

The sun provides lots of energy for life to flourish. Now, we will explore a few fantastic facts about summer to understand it better.

Interesting Summer Facts for Kids

1. Summer is one of the four major temperate seasons. It is the hottest and warmest season among the four seasons. The summer season comes after spring and before fall (autumn). Many consider summer as the best season. This is because it is the best time for various fun activities. It is especially true for children.

Interesting Facts About Summer for Kids

2. The word ‘summer’ comes from the Old English term ‘somer.’ Somer described the time of the year when summer arrived.

3. The time of the year that summer comes in is different for the northern and the southern hemispheres. In the northern hemisphere, summer is from June to September. In the south, summer is from December to March.

4. When there is summer in the north, people in the south enjoy winter and vice versa. The hemisphere tilting towards the sun experiences summer. On the other hand, the side facing away from the sun experiences winter. 

Enjoying Summer

5. Summer starts between 20-22 June every year in the northern hemisphere. In this hemisphere, the summer solstice indicates the arrival of summer. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year.

6. The word solstice springs from the Latin words ‘sol’ and ‘sistere.’ Sol indicates the ‘sun’ and ‘sistere’ means ‘to come to a stop or halt.’ 

7. The term ‘Dog days of Summer’ has its origins in astronomy. It has a relation to the Dog Star’ Sirius’. This star is a part of a constellation known as the Greater Dog. We can see this star in the sky in July. For the ancient Romans and Greeks, this signified summer’s coming as they would experience the hottest of days during this time.

8. Speaking of ancient times, the first modern Olympics took place in 1896. It took place in Greece in the city of Athens. They also know as summer olympics.


9. The word ‘season’ has its roots in the Old French word ‘seison.’ ‘Seison’ means sowing or planting.

10. Summer was also highly significant for ancient civilizations. These civilizations celebrated the days of the summer solstice as an auspicious occasion. They would create huge bonfires and hold festivals like summer solstice. They thought this would bring forth the energy to enhance the sun’s radiance.

11. Civilizations like the Greek civilization celebrated the summer solstice as a time of agriculture. They did so by worshiping the god Cronus. The Romans left offerings for the Goddess Vesta. 

12. The month of June was named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of the god Jupiter. July was named to respect the Roman general ‘Julius Caesar”. The month of August was named after ‘Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius.’ He called the month after his title ‘Augustus.’ The month September was named after the Latin word ‘semtem.’ It indicates the number’ seven.’ 

13. The most number of thunderstorms in a year occur during summer. They occur due to a combination of summer showers and moisture, and rapidly rising air.


14. The role of frisbees changed from being pie plates to being a national staple for pastimes. They were invented in the 1870s as pie plates and have become a sport played during the summer.

15. An eleven-year-old child invented Popsicles in 1905. This accidental invention is now the best icy snack that people have during the summer.

16. In the year 1816, the earth didn’t have any summer. It was due to a volcanic eruption. The eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia left out dust, ash, and sulfur oxide enough to block out the atmosphere. This event led to a global drop in temperature resulting in winter-like climates.

Volcanic Eruption

17. The most number of films get released during the summer. This is because movie theaters are the most crowded during the summers. It goes to say that Hollywood makes the most profit during this time. They manage to break box office records during this time year after year.

18. Daylight makes people happy! It is a proven fact that people are more content during the summertime. An increase in sunlight positively affects us mentally, making us happy.

19. August is the best time of the year for stargazing and meteor showers. During this time of the year, the clear skies provide the most unbelievable views of meteor showers.

Meteor in the sky

20. Watermelons are one of the most popular food items during the summer months. There are a total of 30 different types of watermelons. In truth, watermelons are not even fruits but vegetables belonging to the cucumber family. Watermelon consists of around 92% water. An average American consumes about 15 pounds of watermelon in a year!

21. During the summers, children are likely to gain weight. This phenomenon results from changes in appetite and eating habits and irregular sleeping schedules. Children should be less active during this period.

22. World International Yoga Day is on the 21st of June. Many people practice yoga on this day. This is because the coming of the solstice is considered sacred. It indicates a change in the course of life on earth.

23. The heat during the summer season also known as summer heat expands the iron of the Eiffel Tower in France. It makes the tower grow a remarkable 6 inches during the summer.

Eiffel Tower, France

24. Summer is the season for vacations. People flock to beaches, famous cities, national parks, lakes, and resorts. In the States alone, more than 650 million trips get scheduled!

25. Amusement parks and theme parks are among the busiest places during the summer months. Many operate full-time. These parks run on total capacity from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

26. July is the national ice cream month. It is also national blueberry month. 

Ice Cream

27. There is a day in August that is a holiday for picnics! This day is usually the first Monday of the month. Japan, Argentina, and Australia celebrate summer holidays in August.

28. Birthday celebrations reach their peak during the summer. This is true, especially for August. It is followed by September, June, and July.

29. Many animals and birds migrate to warm weather regions from colder regions. It is why we can witness many animals and birds migrate during the summer.

30. In the summer months, regions near the poles have daylight even at night! It is especially true for the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. In the southern hemisphere, Antarctica receives sunlight even at midnight during the summer! This event is valid for the Arctic region when summer is in the northern hemisphere.

On the other hand, the areas near the poles (southern hemisphere) experience concise days and long nights during the winter. As a result, the Arctic and Antarctic regions have six months of light and six months near darkness. It is because these regions experience mainly summer and winter.

Planting Trees

31. Summer is a time when children are most creative. They engage in many fun and creative activities. Many children attend summer camp, where they get creative and learn new stuff. They involve themselves in cooking, reading, art and crafts, dancing, etc.

32. Many children also indulge in sports activities such as soccer, basketball, football, etc. Others spend their time with families going on trips or spending time with nature. In addition, they enjoy many outdoor activities such as trekking and cycling. 

33. Children also spend their time playing indoor games. Examples are board games, card games, dumb charades, etc.

34. Children can spend their time doing fun water sports activities such as swimming, coin diving, marco polo, etc. 

Kid enjoying on beach


All in all, summer is a season for everyone. Be it a young lad or an older man, everyone enjoys the fun time they spend in summer. While some want a holiday, summer is also the pretty busy season. Ultimately, it all depends upon how one spends their free time. In the end, it comes down to what activities you will do and how you spend your summer.

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