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12 Interesting Walt Disney Facts For Kids 2022 (Must Read)

Do you love watching Mickey Mouse as soon as you come home from school? Do you also dance when the Mickey Mouse theme song comes up? Do not worry, you are not alone because everyone loves Mickey Mouse and his Friends.  The adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends are famous and known to everyone in different corners of the world. But do you know about the person who brought all these characters to life? 

Interesting Facts about Walt Disney

Walt Disney is regarded as the father of the animation industry and is a name known to everyone. He is a well-known personality and his name goes down in history due to his contribution to the world of cartoons.  

Let’s learn more about the imminent personality that created the world’s favorite cartoon character of all time.    

12 Interesting facts about Walt Disney and The Disney World  

Walt Disney’s life had humble beginnings.

Walter Elias Disney was the fourth child of Flora Call, a former public school teacher, and Elias Disney, a nomadic carpenter, farmer, and building contractor. Walt’s family relocated to a farm near Marceline, Missouri, a typical rural Midwestern town, when he was just a baby. Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland is reported to have been inspired by and modeled after Marceline. Walt started his education there, where he also first displayed an interest and talent for using crayons and watercolors to paint and draw. In 1911, his family relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, and he worked as a newspaper delivery boy for more than six years. 

Young Walt Disney

Walt Disney showed an early interest in drawing. 

When Walt was four years old, his family relocated to Marceline, Missouri, where a local veterinarian asked him to draw his horse, igniting Walt’s artistic aptitude. Walt, a young boy, fell in love with painting right away and diligently honed his abilities by imitating the cartoons in his father’s newspaper. After his family relocated to Chicago, Disney enrolled at McKinley High School and started working as a cartoonist for the student newspaper. At the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, he further took evening sessions. He began his formal professional career in 1919 when he apprenticed at Pesmen Rubin Commercial Art Studio. After a year, he joined Kansas City Slide Company and began learning animation there. 

He is the founder of a multi-million dollar company Disney Studios. 

Walt Disney founded the Walt Disney Studios and produced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first feature-length animated film, the biggest blockbuster. After that, he produced many well-known movies, including Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, and Peter Pan, and the first significant live-action movie, Treasure Island. In 1955, he inaugurated Disneyland. The $17 million theme park is one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. Disney abandoned the outdated facility his business had been using during its formative years and relocated it to a new studio in Burbank, California, in 1940.


Walt’s career didn’t have the successful start that he dreamed of. 

Disney got his start in the 1920s as a cartoonist. He developed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit but owing to a contractual issue, he no longer owned the character. Then he came up with Mickey Mouse. He founded his own business, Newman Laugh-O-grams, in the 1920s; however, the company failed in 1923. Disney was very enthusiastic, and to fulfill his dream, he soon moved to Hollywood to become a Director. 

You can’t buy chewing gum at Disney World.

Walt Disney himself came up with this concept because he wanted to make sure that visitors to the Park could enjoy their time there without worrying about chewing gum getting stuck to their shoes. Also, in order to keep the parks clean, they outlawed their sale many years ago. However, you can chew your own. Additionally, you cannot buy products made of plastic. This is due to animal safety concerns and a move toward reducing single-use plastics. Therefore, Disney’s Animal Kingdom does not permit or sell balloons and straws. 

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue

At Disneyland, Walt Disney had a hidden residence.

In Disneyland, Walter Disney had a hidden apartment. The purpose of the flat was to witness the realization of his dreams. The modest apartment has a bathroom, fold-out mattresses, a window that overlooks the park, and a small sitting area. In fact, it’s still there, over the fire station. Although VIPs are occasionally given tours, Walt’s private flat is normally off limits to the general public. There are still several pieces of the same furniture from Walt’s earlier visits, including a lamp in the window that is visible from the outside. To imply that Walt is always in the park, it is always left on.

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The iconic Disney logo is Walt’s signature.

One of the greatest and most well-known logos in history is the Walt Disney one, which was made from the curves of Mr. Disney’s signature. Millions of people throughout the world are familiar with it, and it has significantly improved Disney’s corporate image and brought enormous success to their business. The Walt Disney logo is still easily identifiable today, but many people aren’t aware of its history! It is Walter’s signature on the logo. The logo was created from one of his staff members’ versions of the signature, which he asked them to create to make it stand out.

Walt Disney's Signature

Disneyland employees discover hundreds of lost belongings every day.  

Disneyland is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions globally, with a population of over 150 million, which means that people lose their belongings all the time. Every day, more than 200 pairs of sunglasses are discovered in the parks’ lost and found. A glass eye and a prosthetic leg were two strange items that were left unclaimed. Also, Among the frequently misplaced things, which also include MagicBands, telephones, and other small handheld electronics from our technological era, baby strollers are a familiar sight. On one occasion, the parking lot even contained a full-size color television.

Fascination of Trains! 

Disney loved railroads. He first became interested in trains as a young child by watching them pass by close to his home. The train whistle would be blown as a greeting by his uncle, the conductor. Disney later constructed a miniature steam railroad in the backyard of his L.A. house as an adult. When he saw how happy it made his girls, he was inspired to add a monorail at Disneyland. His love of railways is evident in Disneyland, which has a railroad within. Additionally, the Disney World Railroad’s train is a real antique that dates back to 1910. 

Railroads in Disneyland

Disney employees believe that some of the theme parks are haunted by ghosts. 

There are many untrue stories of terrible incidents occurring at Disney theme parks. Of course, a few Cast Members and guests have actually passed away at the parks in the past. Therefore, it is inevitable that stories about actual spirits that haunt Disney attractions have spread throughout time. While some people might not believe in spirits or ghosts, others believe that there could be spirits anywhere! For instance, the Haunted Mansion is believed to be haunted. Several years ago, an Imagineer named George passed away while working on Pirates of the Caribbean, and some cast members believe that his ghost is still present. Before they shut the attraction each night, some even say good night to him.

Horror version of Disneyland

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Mickey and Minnie have around 200 different costumes! 

Even though the original Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters were depicted onscreen in the same costume, the versions of these characters that we see in parks today tell a different story. When you visit the parks, you’re likely to see Minnie and Mickey dressed in the same costume, but in actuality, they own hundreds of different costumes each! Mickey owns over 175 costumes, such as a tuxedo and a scuba suit, whereas Minnie has roughly 200 of her own to ensure they can go out together in luxury. It might also interest you to know that the two actors who voice Mickey and Minnie are married in real life. 

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey Mouse often makes an appearance in other Disney movies. 

whether it’s a full-scale special cameo like in A Goofy Movie or The Little Mermaid, or it’s one of his countless Hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the animation universe, If there’s one character who understands how to get into a movie, it’s the Master Mouse himself. A common detail often found in Disney movies is a Hidden Mickey. A Hidden Mickey is a subtle version of Mickey Mouse that filmmakers insert into the background of movie scenes that have nothing to do with Mickey Mouse himself. It is usually depicted in the form of three circles resembling Mickey’s shape! The Hidden Mickey is often put into movies as an Easter Egg for hardcore Disney fans to find. 

Mickey Mouse


In this article, we walked you through a list of facts about Walt Disney’s life and achievements, as well as a few facts about Disneyland. 

After reading these Walt Disney facts for kids, your urge to travel to Disneyland and spend your most memorable moments with your favorite childhood characters may have grown. One of the best things about Walt Disney is the legacy he left behind and the magic and whimsy he created and shared with millions of children and adults all over the world. The next time you watch a Disney movie on a rainy day, we hope you keep the man who created those characters in mind!