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Geronimo Facts

Geronimo was an Apache leader born in 1829 to the Bedonkohe subgroup of the Chiricahua Apache.

Like his ancestors, Geronimo fought off the colonisation of Apache lands by the Spanish and Americans.


Geronimo was born in Arizona. When Geronimo was only a teenager, the Apaches were already at war with the Mexicans, who bordered their lands to the south.

They were also at war with the U.S government in the north and the Comanche and Navajo nations. He became a warrior aged only 17.

Apache Chieff Geronimo In Right Side And His Warriors

In 1851, something very tragic happened to Geronimo. His wife, his mother and his three children were all killed by Mexican soldiers.

He vowed to spend the rest of his life avenging these murders.

Geronimo And His Warriors


In 1874, 4,000 Apache people were moved by force to a reservation in San Carlos, Arizona.

Geronimo fled from the San Carlos Reservation with his followers. Every time he was tracked down, he continued to escape.

He became famous in the newspapers for always avoiding American and Mexican fire. Every time he was wounded, he recovered.

Geronimo In A Locomobile Model C


In 1886 Geronimo was forced to surrender by General George Crook but he and 40 followers escaped, this time at night.

5,000 soldiers were sent out after Geronimo.

He managed to stay away for five months, before giving himself up to General Nelson Miles in 1886.

Geronimo was imprisoned at Fort Sill (in present-day Oklahoma).

Fort Sill

He spent the rest of his life performing in displays at world fairs and Wild West Shows.

Geronimo died in Fort Sill in 1909.

Geronimos Grave

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