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How to Make Slime in Your Kitchen

Remember those epic moments on Nickelodeon where the signature green slime was dumped on a person’s head?

First introduced in the late 1970s on “You Can’t Do That On Television”, slime has been every kid’s favorite toy ever since.

However, over the past year slime has become particularly trendy, with people getting obsessed over beautiful slime videos.

making slime

If you’re concerned about the toxic ingredients potentially used to make slime in stores, why not make slime at home?

DIY slime sessions are fun, educational activities for you and your kids. So let’s get started!

How to Make Slime with Borax

This slime recipe is perfect for Halloween occasions. It glows in the dark.

Though known as a common ingredient found in laundry detergents and household cleaning products, borax is safe to use.

To make slime with borax you’ll need:

  • Clear or blue gel school glue
  • 2 teaspoons of borax powder
  • 1.5 cups of warm water
  • 3 tablespoons of glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Food coloring

First, mix the borax powder with a cup of warm water in a mixing bowl. Stir the mixture to make sure the borax is dissolved.

In a separate container, mix glue with half a cup of warm water. Add the paint and food coloring.

Next, slowly add the borax solution (start with 2 tablespoons) to the glue solution. Keep in mind that you won’t need to use all the borax solution. The more you borax solution add, the stiffer the slime.

glue for making bouncy ball

Keep adding the food coloring to the solutions and mix them well until you’ve got the color you desire.

How to Make Slime With Cornstarch

Although it’s safe to use, borax can be harsh on some people’s skin. If your skin is sensitive, this slime recipe is for you.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 15 grams (1 tablespoon) of cornstarch
  • Food coloring

Heat up a pan on the stove. Pour a can of sweetened condensed milk into the pan. Next, add the cornstarch. Constantly stir the mixture over low heat and make sure it’s well combined.

Take the pan off the stove once the mixture has thickened. Then add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite food coloring to the mixture. Let it cool down completely before giving it to your kids.


Be aware that though this slime recipe is edible, it’s not meant for consumption. It’s OK to have a tiny taste of the mixture out of curiosity. However, you probably don’t want your little one to consume a large amount of it.


There are many variations of slime recipes: you can go anywhere from gold glitter slime to rainbow slime, from Lego slime to planet earth slime. Let your creativity soar!

Though ingredients used in slime are safe generally safe, it’s a good idea to keep them out of your kids’ reach. Always wash your hands after making and playing with slime.


In case you get borax in your eyes, rinse your eyes with a lot of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention if needed.


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