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13 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About June

The goddess Juno, who is the patroness of marriage and childbirth, is most likely the source of June’s name. All kinds of beauty are present this month, including flowers and sunlight.

The region typically experiences long daylight hours, suggesting endless summer barbecues. Also, it’s a wonderful chance to travel abroad or soak up some vitamin D.

Read on for some of our favorite June facts if you want to find out more about what makes the month special. 

13 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About June

June Symbols:

There are a few distinct emblems for each month of the year. Each month has a birthstone that goes with it—astrological signs based on a birth month, along with a monthly flower.

According to the month you were born, these are all based.

With your children, enjoy the month of June and teach them interesting facts about holidays, flowers, and birthstones.

1. Birthstone: 

Pearls, the traditional birthstone for June, stands for purity and faith.

You might find it interesting to know that moonstone and alexandrite both hold this distinction.

While moonstone is more closely associated with luck, love, and passion, alexandrite stands for longevity and good health. Who could object to any of these great qualities?


2. Flower: 

Two flowers are born in June. The birth flowers for June are the Roses and the honeysuckle.

Both stand for everything that is associated with affection, love, desire, and generosity. The flower that represents passion and romance most often worldwide is probably a rose.

3. Zodiac signs

Gemini and Cancer are the June zodiac signs in astrology.


The astrological sign of Gemini is in effect from May 21 through June 21, while Cancer is in effect from June 22  to July 22.

June Fun Facts

1. Once, June was the fourth month of the year.

The month of June used to be the fourth of the year. A year had barely 10 months until Julius Caesar came to power.

By adding two extra months to the year in 46 BC, he produced the Julian calendar, which made June the sixth month.

2.  “The Contrasting Day Lengths of June: Longest Day in the North, Shortest in the South”

Depending on where you are, June has both the longest and shortest days of the year. 

June 21st marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.

3. The Anglo-Saxons were the first to link June with milder weather.

Today, we identify June as the month when the temperature starts to warm up a little, giving us a break from the spring showers and all the bluster of winter.

In English, the month of June was referred to as “dry month” by the Anglo-Saxons, who called it “sera monath”.

roman god

4. June was given the name of a Roman Goddess.

In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Juno was the principal goddess of marriage and the queen of the gods.

She was also associated with childbirth, motherhood, and fertility. June is named after Juno, which is why some people refer to it as the “month of Juno.”

June is still a popular month for weddings, which makes sense given Juno’s association with the natural outcomes of marriage.

The origin of the word “June” may also be linked to the Roman word “juvenis,” meaning “young people,” who were celebrated during this time.

5. “The Strawberry Full Moon: A June Celestial Delight”

Although June may not have its own celestial body, it is still significant in terms of lunar events.

The full moon in June, also known as the Strawberry Full Moon, has its own name because of the plentiful fruit harvest that occurs during this time of year.

Around June 24, the summer solstice is usually observed, indicating the beginning of summer and the end of spring.

The Strawberry Full Moon

6. Unlike the other months of the year, June has a unique day on which it begins.

If we had to choose which of our June facts would surprise readers the most, we would go with this.

A short glance at your calendar will reveal that June is distinct from the other months of the year in that it starts on a different day.

7. Before, getting married in June was considered unfortunate.

Ancient Romans believed that from mid-May to mid-June was an inauspicious time for marriage.

The legend goes that when Roman poet Ovid consulted the high priestess of Jupiter about when his daughter should get married, she suggested he delay the wedding until after June 15th.

getting married in June was considered unfortunate

8. A beetle named after June exists.

A beetle named after the month of June exists. The June beetle, sometimes known as the June bug, is a type of insect that lives in the United States only between May and June and eats a variety of plants and bushes.

9. Beginning in June is Wimbledon.

If you’re a serious tennis fan, you’ve probably already put June on your calendar. 

Every year, millions of viewers tune in to watch Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis tournament in the sport.

The oldest Grand Slam competition is Wimbledon. It was established in 1877, and the US Open followed in 1881. Even only to keep an eye out for prominent faces, the tournament attracts quite an outstanding celebrity throng.

10. June: A Month of Celebrations and Observances”

June A Month of Celebrations and Observances

The month of June is packed with diverse month-long celebrations observed all over the globe.

June is a month of celebrations and awareness in different parts of the world. In the United States, it is recognized as LGBT+ Pride Month, National Oceans Month, and Great Outdoors Month. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, it is called National Smile Month, a time to focus on oral health and promoting healthy smiles.

11. Flag Days are Celebrated in June Around the World

In June, several countries commemorate their flag days. June 6th is the flag day for Sweden, June 14th is the flag day for the United States, and June 15th is the flag day for Denmark.

flag day

12. Influential People Born in June

June has seen the birth of numerous significant and remarkable individuals throughout history.

Some notable figures born in June include Che Guevara, Anne Frank, Jean-Paul Sartre,  George H.W. Bush, George Orwell, and Marilyn Monroe.

13. Indulge in Sweet Treats and the Great Outdoors this June

June is a month of indulgence for those with a sweet tooth, although it may not be welcomed by dentists everywhere.

National Rocky Road Day is celebrated on June 2, followed by National Macaroon Day on June 3, and National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7.

Fortunately, June is also Great Outdoors Month, providing an opportunity for exercise if one decides to partake in all three of these celebrations with full fervor.

June activities for Kids:

June activities for Kids

Greetings, June! Greetings, Summer! Though I am saddened to bid farewell to the beauties of spring, I greatly cherish the relaxed tempo that accompanies the summer season.

However, we still prefer to incorporate some amusement and education as we go.

There are numerous straightforward educational activities and enjoyable art projects for children to partake in while basking outdoors.

Nature-inspired Crafts and Learning 

Encourage children to venture outside and gather small items from nature, such as twigs, flower petals, shells, and pebbles.

Once they return indoors, allow them to use these items freely to create anything they desire.

They can be used repeatedly as loose parts for imaginative play, or glued onto a chosen canvas to create a favorite creation.

Nature-inspired Crafts and Learning

Painting with parts from the tree.

Gather the tree fragments that have fallen to the ground pieces of bark, leaves, pine needles, tiny twigs, etc.

Set them up with some paint and a big sheet of paper. Encourage children to experiment with the objects to see what markings and patterns they can create.

Fishing Fun for Everyone!

Consider heading to a nearby pond for a fishing adventure, or if fishing is not your thing, visit a dock where others are fishing and observe them.

Collaborative Underwater Mural

Create a collaborative underwater mural using a big piece of cardboard, blue butcher paper, or canvas, and explore various sea creatures as part of your week-long learning activity.

Get Creative with Summer Popsicle Recipes

Add a scientific and creative twist by creating your own popsicle recipes to enjoy throughout the summer.

Get Creative with Summer Popsicle Recipes

Beat the Heat: Fun with Hose and Sprinklers for Kids”

Playing in the hose or sprinklers is a timeless activity enjoyed by kids of all ages. You could also use it as an opportunity to teach them about creating a rainbow with the hose, incorporating a bit of science into the fun!


The amount of daylight hours in June differs depending on which hemisphere you are in, with the Northern Hemisphere experiencing the longest daylight hours of the year, while the Southern Hemisphere has the shortest daylight hours.

As summer progresses in the north, evenings become more pleasant, but in the south, where winter starts, days shorten.

April is a month with cultural significance and rich history, from being the sixth month to having connections to notable historical figures.

This lovely season offers many new things to discover and enjoy. And yes, those were some interesting facts about June. Please feel free to ask any more questions or make requests.

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