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Maine State History Facts

By the 1500s, most of the tribes occupying the area known today as Maine spoke the Algonquian language.

These tribes included the Micmac, Abenaki, Penobscot, and Maliseet people.

Les Micmacs

Land Claimed by France

An Italian explorer by the name of da Verrazzano visited the area of Maine in 1524 and although he was Italian, he claimed the land for France.

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Giovanni Da Verrazzano

The first colonies were established by French settlers in 1604 led by du Guast and Samuel de Champlain.

Seal Of Maine

They called the colony Acadia, and the land claimed for France stretched from northern Maine to what is now lower Quebec, Canada.

The Natives that the settlers encountered were not always friendly and the settlers were plagued by harsh winters and lack of food.

Samuel De Champlain S

English Rule

In 1652, Maine was included as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of England.

There were many battles for control between France and Britain over the years. But England remained in control for almost 170 years.


By 1634, the first saw mills were established and wood would be the major contributor to the economy for the next 200 years.

Everyone needed lumber, from homesteads and towns to shipyards. Potatoes were the next boost to Maine’s economy.

Sutters Mill

American Revolution

The American Revolution was between 1775 and 1783.

Thirteen British colonies went to war against British rule and won their independence from Britain.

The Revolution saw its first naval battle off the coast of Maine when the Revolutionists captured Britain’s ship,The Margaretta.

Continental Navy Ship Wasp

The thirteen states became the United States of America.

At that time, Maine was part of Massachusetts and finally separated in 1820 and became the 23rd state of the United States.

Flag Of Maine United States Of America

The Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise was an agreement that stated the number of free states and slave states had to be equal.

Maine was admitted to the United States as a free state in 1820 and Missouri was admitted as a slave state.


Capital of Maine

Portland, Maine was the first capital. In 1832, the capital was moved to Augusta.

Missouri Compromise Line

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What language did most of the Native American tribes in the Maine area speak?

Who led the first settlers into Maine and when?

Why were sawmills important to the economy of Maine?

Why was Maine admitted to the United States as a free state?

What caused the American Revolution?



The tribes in the Maine area spoke the Algonquin language.

In 1604, two French explorers, du Guast and de Champlain led French settlers into Maine.

Sawmills produced lumber that was needed for building homesteads, towns, and ships.

ships float

The Missouri Compromise stated that there had to be an equal number of slave states and free states. As Missouri was admitted as a slave state, Maine was admitted as a slave state to keep the numbers equal.

Thirteen British colonies in America wanted independence from Britain.

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