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Nectar Facts For Kids

Nectar is a liquid produced by the flower of plants. It is made in glands of the plants called nectaries.

Nectaries can be located on any plant, but they are most common in the flowers of a plant.


Nectar is important to our economy and society for a number of reasons.

The sugar for honey comes from nectar, for example. Nectar is also useful in farming and agriculture.

Many insects eat nectar and we all know insects play a big part in our environment and how food is grown.


Fun Nectar Facts

Bees use nectar to make honey – it is the basic material used to make it.

Nectar attracts all sorts of insects to plants. The nectar is located in the leaves at the bottom of a plant (at the base of the perianth).

Its sweet taste encourages pollination by insects and other animals.

There is more than one kind of nectary. In fact, there are three; floral nectaries, septal nectaries and extra floral nectaries.


Ever see how a bee or insect flies quickly from flower to flower in the garden? They can move quickly because the nectar they get from each flower gives them the energy they need.

Nectar mainly contains a substance called sucrose (which is really sugar), but it also contains small amounts of fructose and glucose.

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