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Neon Facts

There are many elements that make up the entire planet. Elements are solids, liquids, and gases and they are the smallest piece of everything that exists.

In order to keep track of these elements, scientists invented a table, which they call the Periodic Table.

Neon is a type of element that can be found in the Periodic Table. It has many different uses and is very important to humans. Read on to find out more information about this interesting element.

What are the properties of neon?

Neon is a colorless and odorless gas when it hasn’t been affected in any sort of way.

It is known as a noble gas, which are certain gases in the Periodic Table that have the same characteristics.

It is also called an inert gas, which means that it can’t be combined with any other type element or substance.

gases in space

Neon has the smallest liquid range of any element, which means that there is only a very small time when the temperature is just right for it to turn into a liquid.

This is an extremely cold temperature that must only be done by scientists. If neon is put in a certain kind of tube, it glows a bright reddish-orange.

Where is neon found on Earth?

Neon is actually a very rare element in Earth and is not found naturally in very many places. Extremely small amounts can be sometimes found in the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the Earth’s crust.


It is usually made by scientists and researchers.

Neon is mainly found in the stars and it is the fifth most common element in the universe. Because it is so rare, it costs a lot of money to make or buy.

How do we use neon today?

Neon is mostly used in signs that light up- you might have heard of them called “neon signs”. Neon is only used in the signs that are the reddish-orange color; every other color is created by other types of gases.

Neon is also used in lasers, television tubes, and vacuum tubes. When neon is in its rare liquid form, it can be used to refrigerate things and keep them cool.

How was neon discovered?

This super light gas was discovered in the year 1898 by the British chemists Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers.

In order to try to discover new elements, they began cooling air until it turned into liquid. They then warmed the liquid up until it starting giving off gases.

They caught the gases that came off of it as it boiled, and one of these turned out to be neon. That is one experiment you won’t be trying in school!

Quick Facts about Neon

Neon is a noble gas.

It is colorless and has no smell.

If put in a certain kind of tube, it glows a reddish-orange color.


Neon is extremely rare and is not found many places on Earth.

It used commonly used in lights that are known as neon signs.

Neon was discovered in 1898 by scientists Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers.


Elements make up everything on Earth and they are extremely important.

Even though neon is pretty rare and cannot be found in large supply naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere, it is very common in the stars and is the fifth most common element in the universe.

Neon has many uses, and it will continue to be studied and researched for other ways it can benefit humans and the planet.



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