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Interesting Nutbush, Tennessee Facts for Kids (2024 Updated!)

Apart from being in the title of one of Tina Turner’s most iconic songs, Nutbush is a community in Tennessee, about 50 miles to the northeast region of Memphis. This unincorporated community was first established by European-American settlers during the era of slavery. 

Nutbush, Tennessee Facts for Kids

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at the history of this community, as well as some fun and interesting facts about it! Let’s dive right in. 

History and Establishment of Nutbush, Tennessee

As we mentioned briefly in the introduction, this unincorporated community was established during the era of slavery by European-American settlers. These settlers brought enslaved African-Americans to the area and forced them to develop the cotton plantations. 

It’s important to note that in 1822, the settlers also founded the Trinity United Methodist Church. Most of the buildings and churches that were built during this time are still standing today. Additionally, after the Civil War, and during it, several soldiers were buried in the cemetery that is associated with the Trinity United Methodist church. Research has shown that this cemetery is one of the best maintained cemeteries in the area! 

Aside from the church and cemetery, Nutbush has a sad history of slavery, which we will get into in a little bit. 

Interesting Facts about Nutbush, Tennessee

1. Nutbush was made famous by Tina Turner.

Welcome to Nutbush, Tennessee Board

Before Tina Turner released her song Nutbush City Limits, not many people knew that this community even existed! However, her song put this place on the map, and today, most people know that it exists thanks to her. The people who live in Nutbush have turned the old school that Turner attended into a museum dedicated to her. 

2. Nutbush has a sad history of racism and slavery. 

Even though Tina Turner put this town on the map after releasing her song, many people still aren’t aware of its sad past. When the European settlers established their community in Nutbush, they brought with them hundreds of African-American slaves. Those slaves were forced to work on and develop the cotton plantations in the area. They were also forced to attend the Methodist church under white supervision. Additionally, black congregations were ministered by white pastors. 

3. Several other famous musicians also come from Nutbush. 

Tina Turner

While Tina Turner is arguably the most famous person to come out of this town, other singers like Sleepy John Estes and Hambone Willie Newbern also came from Nutbush. Additionally, the harmonica player Noah Lewis has been buried in Nutbush, even though he is from Henning, Tennessee

4. The wood from Tina Turner’s childhood has been repurposed. 

Unfortunately, Tina Turner’s childhood home no longer exists because the wood from it was used to build a barn. 

5. The Tennessee State Route 19 is named after Tina Turner. 

This highway was named the ‘Tina Turner Highway’ to honor the singer. 


What is Nutbush, Tennessee, known for?

Nutbush, Tennessee, is best known for being the birthplace of Tina Turner. 

Why is Tennessee famous?

Tennessee is famous for a variety of reasons. These include the famous singers that have come out of the state, the Great Smoky Mountains, and whiskey. 


Nutbush is a small town located in Tennessee, and thanks to one of music’s most widely known and loved artists, people all over the world know that it exists. In this article, we took you through some of the most interesting facts we could find about this place. We hope it helped!