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Ohio State History

Ohio is a state in the Midwestern area of the United States. It is the 34th largest state.

Lots of people live in Ohio and it is very densely populated.

Seal Of Ohio

The capital city of Ohio is Columbus but Ohio has had three different capital cities throughout its history: Zanesville, Chillicothe and Columbus.

It borders Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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Columbus Pano

The word “Ohio” comes from a Native American (Seneca) word, “Ohi:yo”, which means “great river.” The Ohio River runs through the Ohio state.

First populations and settlements

There has been lots of archaeological research carried out in Ohio. This research tells us about the very early history of the region, before Europeans arrived.

The Ohio Valley has had people residing there since 13,000 BC.

These early populations were nomadic, which means they moved around from place to place, instead of staying in one place and farming.

Ohio Arch Cultures Map Hroe

The populations that followed, the Adena and the Hopewell people, lived in the Ohio region between the years 1,000 and 800 BC.

We know about these cultures because they built important, sacred, mounds. These mounds were very difficult to build.

Some of these impressive structures can still be seen in modern day Marietta, Newark and Circleville.

The Hopewell people disappeared in 600 AD and peoples from the Mississippian Culture came to prominence in the region.

Serpent Mound Plaque

In  much later years, when Europeans arrived, there were many Native American populations living in the region, including the Iroquoian, the Algonquian and the Siouan peoples.

Many massacres happened in this region, for example, the Yellow Creek Massacre. During the Indian Removal Act, most native populations were forced to leave Ohio by law.

Andrew Jackson Congress

Europeans in Ohio

Ohio was a very important region for both the French and the English during the eighteenth-century. The region was important in the fur trade.

The French and the English battled for control of Ohio in order to take control of this very profitable trade.

Great Britain and France fought over American territories during the Seven Years’ War. Great Britain won control of Ohio in the Treaty of Paris.

Seven Years War Collage

Ohio became a state in 1803. It was the 17th state to join the Union.

Flag Of Ohio

The Civil War

Because the River Ohio is in an important position, Ohio played an important role in the American Civil War.

Ohio’s industry also kept the army supplied with vital food and weapons.

Ohio River


Ohio is home to some very famous and successful sports teams. There are nine sports teams in the five major league in the states.

Some famous examples are the Cincinnati Reds (baseball), the Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball) and the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns from the National Football League.

Ohio teams have won the World Series seven times (the Cincinnati Reds have won it five times and the Cleveland Indians have won it twice).


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