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Panther Facts

Panthers are mammals. This means that they have fur, are born live, and drink milk when they are babies. It also means that they are warm-blooded.

Warm-blooded animals are able to regulate their internal body temperature.


This means that no matter what kind of a climate they live in, their internal temperature will always be the same.

The term panther has been used to describe three different kinds of big cats.

These include leopards, jaguars, and cougars.

leopards lone animals

These cats range in size from 7-8 feet in length and can way anywhere from 100 to 250 pounds. The largest of these three is the leopard variety, which is found in Africa.

What color are panthers?

There is no such thing as a “black panther.” Though these cats look like an entirely new species of large cat, they are actually just leopards or jaguars that have a black color mutation which turns their normally golden fur black to match their spots.

This mutation is known as melanism. It does not happen very often and is in fact quite rare. Scientists estimate that it only affects about 6% of the population.


The opposite of melanism is albinism, which is even rarer in these big cats. It causes the fur to turn completely white.

The reason that this mutation is so rare is that it is a huge disadvantage for the cat.

A “white panther” cannot camouflage itself when it is hunting. This makes it much harder for this type of cat to catch its prey, which usually leads to starvation.

This is not true for a “black panther.” Their dark color allows them to blend in with the shadows of the forest, which helps them to be effective hunters.


“Black Panthers” are not as fertile as their normally-colored counterparts. They are also much more unpredictable and aggressive.

Panthers are great swimmers and climbers. They have even been known to jump from trees to catch their prey. They are able to jump about 20 feet vertically from a standing positon.

This jumping ability, along with excellent hearing and eyesight, makes them excellent hunters.

What do panthers eat?

Panthers are carnivorous, which means that they only eat meat.


They have been known to eat rabbits, birds, deer, and monkeys. Cougars and leopards will kill their prey by biting their prey’s throat to suffocate them. Jaguars will usually use their strong jaws to crush their prey’s skull.

Panthers can be found in many different places, depending on the type of cat in question.

Jaguars are found in South America; cougars in North America; and leopards in Africa.

The Florida panther is among some of the rarest big cats in the world. It is believed there are only around 160 of them left in the wild at the moment.


Females will usually have about 2-4 babies, which they take care of without the help of the male.

Panthers are usually solitary animals, who will only interact with other panthers during mating season.

Panthers can live up to 12 years in the wild, and up to 20 years in captivity.

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