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14 Interesting Facts About September

September is beautiful, with plenty to appreciate, including warm and pleasant weather, abundant and delicious fruits and vegetables, and the beautiful sight of changing leaves.

Additionally, September provides an opportunity to reunite with friends who may have been away during the summer months. Due to its rich history, there are many fascinating facts and hidden gems waiting to be discovered about this month.

So, let’s explore some interesting tidbits about September to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.

14 Interesting Facts About September

September Symbols:

There are a few distinct emblems for each month of the year. Each month has a birthstone that goes with it.

Astrological signs are based on a birth month, along with a monthly flower.

According to the month you were born, these are all based. With your children, enjoy the month of September and teach them interesting facts about holidays, flowers, and birthstones.

1. Birthstone: 

September’s birthstone, the sapphire, is believed to possess healing properties such as reducing inflammation and fever and providing good luck to its wearer.

It is a symbol of intuition, peacefulness, clarity of thought, and loyalty. While blue sapphire is the most common, this precious stone can also be found in pink, orange, yellow, or green.

blue sapphire

2. Flower: 

September is a unique month as it is associated with two distinct birth flowers: the striking aster and the gorgeous morning glory, which is known for its resilience. Interestingly, both flowers hold similar meanings, with the aster symbolizing love and the morning glory representing affection.

3. Zodiac signs

Virgo and Libra are the September zodiac signs in astrology.

The astrological sign of Virgo is in effect from August 23  through September 22 while Libra is in effect from September 23 to October 22.

Zodiac Signs

September Fun Facts

1. A Deep Dive into the Ninth Month of the Year”

September derives its name from the ancient Roman word “septem,” meaning “seven.

This is because September, in the old Roman calendar, was actually the seventh month of the year.

However, January and February were added to the start of the year when the Gregorian calendar was created, making September the ninth month.

Despite this change, the name “September” has persisted, serving as a reminder of the month’s ancient origins.

2.  “The Fiery Influence of Vulcan: Unraveling the Roman Mythology Surrounding September”

In Roman mythology, September was believed to be governed by Vulcan, the deity associated with fire, blacksmiths, and volcanoes.

The Romans associated this deity with strength and ferocity, and they believed that the month of September was particularly prone to volcanic activity and fires.

Roman Mythology

This belief highlights the ancient cultures’ efforts to comprehend and rationalize the natural occurrences surrounding them.

3.  The Month of Plenty and Harvesting Abundance”

September is known as Harvest Month because it is the perfect time to gather crops in preparation for winter.

It was previously called “Haervest-monath” in Old England. Some of the crops that can be harvested in September include apples, onions, tomatoes, and raspberries.

4. “The Harvest Moon: September’s Spectacular Lunar Display”

The fullest moon of the year, the Harvest Moon in September, illuminates the night sky all evening and makes for an incredible sight.

Those who value the wonders of nature adore and revere this lunar event.

The Harvest Moon

5. ​​The Only Month with 9 Letters in its Name and the Longest Name of All”

September is a fascinating month, as it is the only month with nine letters in its name, just like its position as the ninth month of the year. Additionally, it holds the distinction of being the month with the longest name.

These unique characteristics add to the allure and intrigue of September, making it a memorable month that stands out from the rest.

6. The First American Newspaper: “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick”

The first American newspaper, “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick,” was published in Boston on September 25th, 1690. However, it was shut down after its first issue due to the British authorities’ disagreement with its content.

The First American Newspaper

7. The Fall Equinox in North America and Australia

The Fall Equinox in North America, occurring around September 22 or 23, marks the day when the duration of day and night are nearly equal. This coincides with the Spring Equinox in Australia.

8. Famous September Birthdays

Notable individuals who were born in September include Amy Winehouse, Adam Sandler, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Murray, Freddie Mercury, Confucius, Queen Elizabeth, Sophia Loren, and Stephen King.

Famous September Birthdays

9. The US Constitution’s Adoption Day: September 17th.

On September 17th, 1787, the US Constitution was adopted, marking a crucial but often overlooked holiday in the United States.

The Constitution’s role in shaping the country’s civil liberties cannot be understated.

10. September and December’s Unique Calendar Alignment.

September and December are the two months that begin on the same day of the week. Yet, unlike other months, September does not end on a Sunday.

11. Obscure September Holidays.

While many people are aware of Labor Day in September, the month also includes a few obscure holidays that you might not know about, such as National Grandparent Day, National Cheese Pizza Day, and National Drink-a-Beer Day.

National Pizza day

12. The Anglo-Saxon Name for September: “Barley Month.”

In the past, during the Anglo-Saxon period, September was known as Gerst Monath, which means “barley month” in Old English.

This name was given to the month because it was the time of year when the barley crop was harvested and used to brew a popular drink.

13. The Impact of 9/11: The Worst Terrorist Attack on US Soil.

The events of September 11, 2001, altered the course of history. Four commercial aircraft were hijacked on that day, leading to the greatest terrorist attack to ever occur on American territory.

The jets slammed into the Pentagon, the Pentagon Twin Towers, and a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers made an effort to retake control from the hijackers.

14. Remembering James Dean: A Cultural Icon’s Tragic End.

James Dean, the famous movie star and cultural icon, died tragically in a car crash in California 24 on September 30, 1955. Despite his short career, he remains a highly regarded and influential actor, particularly for his role in “Rebel Without a Cause.”

September activities for Kids

September activities for Kids:

In the northern hemisphere, autumn starts during September. It’s a season of colourful leaves, apple and spice baked goods, cozy sweaters, and the start of the school year for children.

To prepare for the new academic year, there are plenty of fun and educational September activities available for young learners to review and practice basic skills.

Fun Fall Activity: Mini Pumpkin Hunt with Learning Opportunities.

Looking for a fun fall activity? Try a mini pumpkin hunt! Children can look for pumpkins that have been hidden indoors or outside.

To add a learning element, you can label the pumpkins with numbers or letters and have the children say the name of the label as they find the pumpkins.

Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Creating People and Creatures with Natural Materials.

Enhance your leaf collection by gathering twigs and acorns. Use these natural materials to make people and creatures, letting your imagination run wild.

For a more permanent piece, glue your favourite creation onto paper and add details with a marker.

Bobbing for Apples with a Germ-Free Twist 

If your kids enjoy water play, set up a germ-free version of bobbing for apples as a fun fall activity.

Grab the apples with tongs or a spoon to work on their fine motor skills. To add a learning component to the fun, you can also include counting and sorting exercises.

Take a Stroll and Explore Signs of Fall 

Enjoy the cooler weather and take a walk together to observe the signs of fall arriving in your area.

Collect fallen leaves and acorns along the way to use for learning activities and art projects. The possibilities are endless!

Fall-themed activities for kids

Fall-themed activities for kids

Using a large piece of paper and tempera paint, create apple art with kids by cutting an apple in half vertically to get two equal parts.

Have them stamp the paint with the apples and unleash their creativity in making their own unique apple designs.


September is a beloved month for many, with the changing colors of autumn leaves adding to its appeal.

It is a time to rejoice in the season’s abundance and is referred to as the harvest month.

September signals the end of the scorching summer days and the beginning of cooler weather in the northern hemisphere.

Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, September marks the arrival of spring, with flowers in bloom.

Regardless of where you are in the world, September offers plenty of holidays and events to enjoy.

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