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Sulfur Facts For Kids

There are many elements that make up the entire planet. Elements are solids, liquids, and gases and they are the smallest components of everything that exists.

In order to keep track of these elements, scientists invented a table, which they call The Periodic Table.

Sulfur is an of element that you will find listed in the Periodic Table. It has many different uses and is very important to humans.

Read on to find out more information about this interesting element!

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What are the properties of sulfur?

Sulfur is a solid, which means you can hold it and touch it, but it is known as a nonmetal, meaning it is not made up of metal. It is recognizable because of its pale yellow color. If you touch it, it is soft and can easily break with your fingers.

It doesn’t have a smell when it is all by itself. Sulfur does not dissolve if you put it into water, but it can be burned.


When you burn sulfur (in a science lab with proper adult supervision), it gives off a bright blue flame and it will melt down into a red liquid. However, this must be done in a special chamber that has zero oxygen.

Sulfur can be very dangerous if it is mixed with other elements, especially oxygen.

When sulfur and oxygen are mixed together, it produces a toxic gas called sulfur dioxide.

Sulfur is normally recognized for being mixed with hydrogen, which makes a gas called hydrogen sulfide. This compound is known for having a very strong and unpleasant smell of rotten eggs. Ew!

This compound is also extremely dangerous as it is explosive, flammable, and highly poisonous. It is best if you ever smell something like this to tell an adult right away!

Where is sulfur found on Earth?

Sulfur can be found in a lot of different places on Earth, such as volcanic eruptions, hot springs, and underground vents. It can also be mined from underground deposits.

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How do we use sulfur today?

Sulfur is used for many different things in factories and industries. Most of sulfur is used to create sulfuric acid, which can be found in items such as car batteries, fertilizers, and processing water.

Sulfur also helps in the making of cement, rubber, and detergents.

Sulfur is an important element that makes up the human body. It plays an important part in forming fats and strong bones inside of our bodies.

How was sulfur discovered?

Although the exact discovery of sulfur is not known, it has been studied and talked about for thousands of years. Ancient cultures in India, China, and Greece wrote about this element and used it for different purposes.

chinese roof

Interesting facts about sulfur

Sulfur is a nonmetal that has a pale yellow color.

It is soft and has no odor.

Sulfur is very dangerous when mixed with oxygen or hydrogen.


It can be found from volcanic emissions or mined in the Earth.

Sulfur is mainly used in sulfuric acid.

It can also be found in the human body.


Elements make up everything on Earth and are extremely important. Sulfur is one of these elements and it can be found in many things we use everyday, include our own bodies!

It is very beneficial to human beings and continues to be studied and researched by scientists for more uses and purposes.



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