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Interesting Tractor Facts for Kids (2024 Update!)

Tractors are one of the most commonly used vehicles on farms. They made the process of harvesting crops and working with animals significantly easier, and are arguably one of the most important forms of machinery in the world today! 

Interesting Tractor Facts for Kids

In this article, we’re going to walk you through a list of interesting facts about tractors. Let’s get right into it. 

When were the first tractors invented?

The first farm engines weren’t actually tractors! They were portable engines that farmers could use to drive farming machinery. They were used for agricultural purposes.

However, the first proper tractor was invented in 1893, by a man named William Tuxford. He began to build and create a locomotive-style boiler. It had a flywheel that he mounted on the crankshaft, and a leather belt helped make this piece of machinery move. 

Old Tractor

As time went on, and engineers made farm equipment and farm vehicles more refined, they began to experiment with creating gas-powered vehicles. In 1901, Dan Albone built the first successful petrol-powered tractor. Albone was a British inventor who eventually formed a company. 

5 Interesting Tractor Facts

1. The word tractor comes from Latin. 

One of the most interesting things about the word ‘tractor’ is that it comes from the Latin word trahere, which means to pull. The first time this word was used in recorded history was in 1896, and it referred to “an engine or vehicle for pulling wagons and plows.” This word also stemmed from two other words, traction motor. 

Tractor Working in Farm

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2. Millions of tractors are used all around the world every day. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tractors are used every day by farmers all over the world. Studies have estimated that around 16 million tractors are currently being used. For instance, in India alone, there are close to 900,000 tractors being used, with 16 domestic companies and four multinational companies manufacturing them. 

3. Tractors can be used for engineering.

Tractor Pulling Heavy Load

Even though we might think that tractors can only be used for farming, they are often used in the field of engineering! Since these machines are extremely durable, they can be fitted with different kinds of tools like buckets, rippers, hoes, and many others. For instance, a bulldozer is a common tractor used to spread soil, remove trees, and load equipment. 

4. Tractors are specifically designed for different types of work. 

Even though this might not come as a surprise to you, all tractors are designed for various kinds of work. This means that their engines and horsepower changes depending on what they are made for, like plowing snow, farm work, working on flat terrain, and even lawn mowing. 

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5. Tractors are very good at removing snow. 

Tractor removing snow

Shoveling snow by hand can be pretty exhausting, especially if you have a large amount of surface area to cover. However, if you have a tractor lying around, it’s perfect for shoveling large amounts of snow at once! Tractors often have special attachments that make it easier to remove larger quantities of snow, they have better visibility, and it’s generally cheaper and faster to use a tractor to get rid of snow, because renting a tractor is economical and easy! 


In this article, we walked you through a list of interesting facts about tractors. These vehicles are well-built machines that are used for countless tasks all over the world, and they are some of the most durable types of machinery for heavy work. If you don’ tknow anything about them, you might think that there isn’t anything interesting to learn. However, we hope that this article changed your mind about that! Keep reading on your own to learn more.