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US Inauguration Facts for Kids

Inauguration day is the day when a person is elected to be the president officially. It takes place every four years on 20 January, and the day is moved to 21 January if 20 January is a Sunday. The inauguration ceremony takes place at the US Capitol Building. Let us explore some facts about the US inauguration in this article.

What happens on inauguration day?

What happens on inauguration day

The constitution’s 20th Amendment says that the terms of the previous President and Vice President ends on 20th January, allowing the new President and Vice President to take the oath required by the constitution to start working in the office. The new president and the vice president take their pledge. After the oath, they will give their inaugural address to the event’s crowd. Later, with a military escort, they will return to Washington and occupy the White House.

15 facts about the US inauguration day

George Washington borrowed money for his first inauguration.

George Washington was inaugurated in 1789, and he had to borrow money even though he had a lot of land, but he had very little money. So he borrowed money to travel to the City of New York for his first inauguration.

George Washington’s inauguration was in two different cities.

Even though several presidents have been inaugurated in places other than Washington DC, George Washington was the only president to have been inaugurated in two separate cities. On 30 April 1789, George Washington took the presidential vote on the Balcony of New York city’s Federal hall. The second inauguration occurred on 4 March 1793 at Congress Hall in Philadelphia, the Nation’s capital.

Franklin D Roosevelt skipped the parade

Franklin D Roosevelt skipped the parade

On 28 January 1945, the US had its fourth inauguration of Franklin D Roosevelt, the first and only time the president was inaugurated for a fourth term. Not after long, the 22nd Amendment declared a two-term maximum. It was not its first Rodeo, and the affair was pretty simple, so there was no celebration following the oath and no parade. But the reason had to do more with the gas shortages.

One of the presidents had his inauguration while on a plane.

Lyndon B Johnson became president in 1963, and on the same day, John F Kennedy, the current president, was sadly assassinated when Lyndon B Johnson was on a plane. He had to say his oath to Judge Sarah Hughes, the first woman to inaugurate a president.

Richard Nixon did not want any pigeons at his inauguration.

Richard Nixon was elected president on 20 January 1973 and did not want a bunch of annoying pigeons. He requested that the tree branches along with the parade route be treated with the chemical cal roost, which supposedly makes the bird seeds, so they wouldn’t want to purchase the above tricky motor. 

The inaugural committee spent $13000 to comply with this and type in policy. Still, Nixon got a bit more than he expected. The pigeons did not just sit on the branch; the chemical proved highly toxic to the birds. Instead of dealing with the minor hassle of living pigeons roosting on the trees, his parade was marred by death and dying pigeons littering the route. 

Blueberry jelly beans were invented especially for Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States and was elected president in 1981. He used to eat jelly beans. So when he became president, the plan was to have three and a half tons of Red, White, and Blue jelly beans, the colors of the American flag, and jellybeans used in the inaugural festivities. The manufacturers specially made blue jelly beans. They ended up having to use Cherry, Coconut, and Blueberry flavors.

Warren G Harding arrived in an automobile for his inauguration.

Warren G Harding

Warren G Harding made history when he was shown as a president on 4 March 1921 by being the first to travel to and from his inauguration in an automobile. Other than that, he had kept the event low-key, skipped the parade, and opted to have just this wearing and a short reception at the White House. 

Peanut balloon parade at Jimmy Carter’s inaugural ceremony

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter’s inauguration ceremony took place in 1979. It was distinct that he was the first president to be sworn in by a nickname. His parade included Mary’s, like balloons of peanuts to celebrate his past.

There was a poem during the inauguration ceremony.

Having poetry at the inauguration is a relatively new tradition that did not begin until John F Kennedy called Robert Frost to read for his inauguration in 1961. All the Candy initiated to ask fraud to recite the poem The gift outright, but he decided to Jazz things up by writing an entirely new poem dedication for the occasion

Harry S Truman’s inauguration was televised.

Harry S Truman's inauguration was televised

Harris S Truman had his second inauguration, and the entire Nation got to be a part of it as it was the first ever televised inaugural ceremony. 

The weather had broken records during both of Ronald Reagan’s inaugurations.

Ronald Reagan was elected president and vice, meaning he had to take the oath twice. This occurred on 28 January 1981, the warmest inauguration day recorded, around 13 degrees Celsius. His second inauguration occurred on 21 January 1985, the coldest inauguration day on paper. It was around -14 degrees celsius that day.

Barack Obama had most people in the ceremony.

Barack Obama had most people in the ceremony

The ceremony of inauguration does not happen privately, and many people from all over America come to see it. Barack Obama’s first inauguration took place on 20 January 2009 and broke the record for having the most enormous recorded crowd attending the ceremony. Around 1.8 million people showed up for the ceremony.

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Barack Obama was inaugurated four times.

When you are sworn in, you usually have four years as President. If you win the next election, you will have to go through the entire procedure again, and most people can only become president once. Nonetheless, Barack Obama’s first inauguration was not the same. They had to redo his oath since the person assisting him stated a few incorrect words. Because the 20th was a Sunday, he had to take it twice more when he was re-elected president in 2013. As a result, he took it privately first, then officially on the 21st, and they held the huge ceremony.

The oath taken has to be 35 words long.

The oath taken has to be 35 words long

The oath taken is, “I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of The United States and will do the best of my ability to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.”

Inauguration happens at the Capitol building

The Capitol Building is a significant location in American politics. It is the site of the United States Congress and numerous important political events. Several inaugurations did not take place in front of the Capitol. This occurs when the former president retires, and the next president must be sworn in soon so that America does not go without a President for an extended length of time. This generally happens regardless of where they are.

You must know how a President is elected, and you never know. You might end up taking both yourself. Knowing these facts can help you understand your previous presidents better.