5 Fun and Creative Activities For Kids

Where’s the fun in staring at your TV or phone?

We all know it’s much more fun to do some creative activities for kids.  But which should you try?

Sometimes, when you have time to do them, there’s a problem. You can’t think of something fun to do.

We can help. Put down the phones and turn off the TV.

Let’s have some fun!

Creative Activities For Kids Are So Much Fun!

The problem with all that screen time watching TV or looking at an iPad is there’s nothing fun and creative to do with your hands. Plus, you have nothing to show for it after.

These activities are more than just fun. They help parents and kids learn how to think creatively.

And they teach us how to think better too!

Let’s do some thinking on which activity we’d like to try first. We’ve put together a list of 5 you can have tons of fun with.

1. Paper Planes

How about some fun throwing designing your own planes out of paper? We’ll learn all about aerodynamics and flight.

Set up some targets across a room with a point system and make up the rules as you go. Different points for different targets is a lot of fun.

The creativity shines when you change the design rules to include different sized paper and different folding techniques.

Do you think you could throw a paper plane 112 feet? That’s the new world record for paper airplane flight!

Maybe we better take this activity outside!

2. Boat Races

Prefer to have some fun launching your own boats?

Using bars of soap and a long flat surface like a slip and slide kids can race their own boats.  or even a rain gutter from a hardware store, kids can race their own boats.

Pro tip for kids: Try a new piece of rain gutter from the hardware store to race your boats!

Kids can decorate them with toothpicks and face paint too.

3. Face Painting

Speaking of face paint, how about a face painting contest? Everyone has to flip through old magazines first to get ideas.

We all know face paint is easy to clean and with some mirrors and magazines the activities can lead to a lot of fun.


For a whole group, they can pick different animals from the zoo or characters from their favorite books.

Face painting can tie other learning activities together.

4. Make A Collage

With all those magazines you can also make fun collages!

Kids can pick a theme first like “the holidays” or “my family.” These activities get even better when kids help create them.

5. Dance Party

Have a lot of time to get ready? Combine a few of these ideas and host a dance party.

With collages covering the walls and all those faces painted, if you add in a little music it can make a great dance party.

Plus, kids will be moving around, dancing, and having fun. This is a good one to host outside too.

You don’t need to make it an event though. A little dancing goes a long way in helping kids get creative.

It’s a lot of fun.

What’s Next?

Love some of these creative activities for kids? We do too!

Why not develop some of your own and share them? Or, you can try some of our other fun learning activities.

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Why don’t we start by learning more about famous scientists? They’re the masters of inventing creative fun activities.

Come on, we’ll find out about all the cool stuff famous scientists have done.