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History Facts For Kids

One of our favorite topics here at is history!

We have a ton of fascinating world history facts for you to enjoy.

You can explore of these through hovering over the History menu, or by browsing below!

History Facts for Kids

Read our fun facts on famous kings and famous queens from history, or why not learn a little about Ancient ChinaAncient Egypt or Ancient Greece?


Or what about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, two of the most famous US Presidents?

Then, check out our cool facts about the Titanic or Leonardo da Vinci!

Finally, why not browse our resource on the most famous artists to have ever lived?


Want to know more about how America was discovered? Read all about Christopher Columbus and the Native Americans. And Matthew Henson, who bravely travelled all the way to the North Pole!

We’ve also recently added some fun facts on Ancient Africa and the mighty conflicts of World War One and World War Two.

world war 1 tank

You can view our full list of History topics by clicking on the History tab in the menu, or by using our search box.

Have fun exploring!

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