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Geography Facts

Check out some of our cool geography topics! The world is a fascinating and amazing place, and there is so much to explore.

Feel free to dive into the various continents that make up our planet, and from there you can explore all of the various countries you want to learn about!

geography for kids

Continents and Countries


Asia is one of the most exotic and fascinating continents, with a rich history and a massive population. Learn more about it.


Australasia is a significant geographic area located in the Southern Hemisphere, and is made up of the continent of Australia, as well as New Zealand and many other islands.


Central America

Explore that continent that’s not North America and not South America either! A beautiful land that takes in the famous Panama Canal, among other mighty sights.

Central America


Europe is a continent that is made up of many interesting and beautiful countries. It is close to both Asia and Africa and has a very interesting history indeed. It also has a large and powerful economy.

South America

South America is connected to North America via Central America, and has a very long history indeed. It was first visited many years ago by the Spanish and Portuguese in particular.

United States facts

United States facts

Explore some fascinating and quirky facts about the states of America!

Antarctica Facts

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