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Fun Activity Resources & Worksheets

Homeschooling, indoors a lot or just need some inspiration for school / lesson plans? Well, Cool Kid Facts has you covered!

Feel free to browse our selection of fun and educational activity worksheets below!


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Finally, be sure to check out the corresponding page for each activity too (for example, our photosynthesis page or quiz for the flowers / photosynthesis activities).

honey bee


Bees – learn about bees

Bee cut-out: perfect for examining the shape of a bee.


Layers of the Earth

How to make a model of the earths layers

Layers of the Earth – Cut and Paste

Layers of the Earth – Flash Cards

layers of the earth activity


Magnetism and Magnets

Magnets – Activity

Magnetic or Not Checklist

photosynthesis infographic


Photosynthesis & Flowers

Flower Parts Labels: fix a label to the correct area of a flower

Plant Parts – Cool Kid Facts

Photosynthesis in Action – A Growth Study

Photosynthesis – Flower Growth Chart: monitor how your flowers blossom (or don’t!)




Pollination in Action – How do Bees Help

Summative Pollen Activity



States of Matter

States of Matter Cut and Paste

States of Matter Observation Sheet

States of Matter Observation Sheet Filled in Example

electric slide hair standing up

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