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Asia Facts

Asia is one of the most interesting continents on planet Earth. It is made up of some large countries like China and Japan, but also includes many others you may not have heard of!


Let’s explore some facts about amazing Asia, a continent that has a very long history indeed.

China facts

China Facts

China is a fascinating country that also has the largest population of any country.

Over 1 billion people live here, which means that around 1 out of every 7 people on Earth live in China! It has a rich history and many interesting sights.

Let’s explore this fascinating country. You can also learn some facts about Ancient China.

ancient india

India Facts

India is a very large country with a huge population (around 1 billion).

It has many poor people but also many rich people, and some amazing places to visit such as the Taj Mahal – a magnificent palace that was built many, many years ago.

Famous Landmarks in Asia

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