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Interesting BTS Facts For Kids (2024 Updated!)

BTS is one of the most popular Korean pop boybands in the world. Formed in 2010, the band gained popularity after debuting in 2013, but eventually rocketed to global stardom around 2017. This band is arguably one of the most widely-known boybands in the world today, and in this article, we’re going to learn more about them! 

Interesting BTS Facts For Kids

We’ll take a closer look at their rise to success and some fun facts about them, so let’s dive right in. 

Where does the name BTS come from?

The letters BTS stand for Bangtan Sonyeondan, a Korean phrase that, when literally translated,  means Bulletproof Boys Scouts. The name signified the band’s passion for blocking out criticisms, stereotypes, and the expectations of adolescent life that hit young people like bullets. 

However, in 2017, the band announced that the letter BTS would also stand for ‘Beyond the Scene’ as a way of representing their desire to move forward and present their new brand identity. 

How was BTS formed?

BTS Members in press conference

This band was first formed in 2010 when the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-hyuk wanted to start a hip-hop group. At the time, BTS member RM was making a name for himself in the underground music scene in Seoul as a rapper. However, physical albums weren’t selling very well, and digital streaming services weren’t earning much revenue either. Bang wanted to start a group that allowed his label to earn money from a wide variety of sources and began holding auditions for a group that showcased each member’s individual strengths, and BTS was born. 

Interesting Facts About BTS

1. BTS’s first single was called No More Dream. 

President Joe Biden and BTS

This song was groundbreaking for a K-pop group because of its subject matter! The lyrics of this song speak about the anxieties that young people face when trying to meet their parent’s expectations. While these types of lyrics are often seen in Western music, they weren’t seen in Korean music and shocked many people. This song also showed that the band had a unique perspective to share, and set them apart from other k-pop groups.

2. BTS was the first Korean band to headline a show at Wembley Stadium. 

When BTS performed at Wembley Stadium, they made history by doing so and by being the first Korean band to perform a headlined show at the stadium! This show also reflected how Queen was one of the band’s musical influences and inspirations. BTS also paid tribute to Queen at this show; band member Jin led the audience in his version of Freddie Mercury’s iconic “ay-oh” chant. 

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3. BTS often takes inspiration from literature and art. 

While many people often dismiss the band’s music for mass-market appeal, many have applauded their work for taking inspiration from literature. For example, their famous song Blood Sweat & Tears includes quotes from Thus Spoke Zarathustra, written by Friedrich Nietzsche. The song’s music video also includes visual references to The Fall of the Rebel Angels Landscape with the Fall by Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, and The Lament for Icarus by Herbert James Draper.

4. BTS considers hip-hop to be their musical base. 

Though BTS’s music has a lot of pop elements in it, the band considers their roots to have emerged from the world of hip-hop. RM and Suga began their musical careers as rappers, but the band as a whole took influence from hip-hop and black music. However, aside from rap and hip-hop, the band has also experimented with rock, R&B, jazz, disco, and Latin pop in more recent songs. 

5. BTS believes in talking about real-life problems in their work. 

The members of BTS have often talked about the themes and ideas behind the lyrics of their songs and have often mentioned that their desire as artists is to use their platform to talk about the issues that young people face. Many of their songs deal with themes of mental health, love, friendship, and the anxieties that young people face in their teens and early 20s. Additionally, some of their songs focus on the pressures of dealing with South Korean academic expectations and societal expectations as well. 

6. BTS has had a huge cultural impact around the world. 

BTS Members

It’s no secret that BTS is one of the most popular bands in the entire world. They have been described by multiple media outlets as the most influential and successful K-pop group globally. Culture writers have said that they can and have done things that no other band ever can! They’ve been compared to iconic musicians who broke global records, like the Beatles and Michael Jackson, and Time magazine even labeled them The Princes of Pop. 

7. BTS owes much of its success to its fans! 

Just like every other successful artist, BTS owes a lot of its success to its fans who have kept the band’s image alive throughout the world. BTS’s fanbase is called ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. This fanbase promotes the band in a variety of ways, including translating their song lyrics into other languages, contributing to charitable organizations that the band promotes, and embracing the band’s activism on causes like climate change and racial discrimination. 


BTS is one of the biggest performers in the entertainment industry today. The band has contributed to a cultural movement and has taken Korean pop to unprecedented heights! In this article, we took a look at some facts about this band that you might not have known about before, unless you’re a huge K-pop fan, of course. If you didn’t know much about K-pop or BTS, we encourage you to read and learn more about this band, and to listen to their music as well.