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Justin Bieber Facts & Information

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous singers and artists alive today. But how did he become so famous, where is he from and how much is he worth? Read on for some facts about this famous Canadian!

Cool and “Beliebable” Facts

He was born on March 1, 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

How did he get into music? Well, Justin received his first drum set at the age of 2. However, he didn’t learn to play drums until he was 4. I guess age 2 is a little young anyway!

He taught himself how to play various instruments, including the guitar, piano, trumpet and of course the drums.

At the age of 12, he entered a talent competition in his hometown of Stratford and was awarded 2nd place for his version of the song “So Sick” by Neyo.

Wondering how Justin became famous? It was pretty simple! When he was young, his mother posted clips of him singing on YouTube.

He was then ‘discovered’ by Scooter Braun, who was really impressed by the young singer.

Scooter Braun later became Justin’s manager, helping him to get out there and managing his gigs, appearances and lots more.

A documentary concert film called ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ made 73 million dollars – the highest ever made for a film of that kind. It followed Justin on his various tours and public appearances.


The musician Usher originally wasn’t interested in hearing Justin’s music, after first meeting him in a car park. However, he changed his mind after seeing some of Bieber’s videos.

He is too famous to attend a regular school like most people, but he did take a long-distance degree, earning  a 4.0 GPA. Pretty good eh?

Justin has a soft side. He said in an interview he loves the film ‘The Notebook’, and even cried after watching the movie!

Did you know there are 18 people in America called Justin Bieber? I guess they were born before the famous Canadian!

His favorite video on YouTube is a clip of the famous martial artist and movie star Chuck Norris fighting a bear!


Justin Timberlake tried to sign him to his record label, but didn’t succeed as he lost a bidding war to Usher. However, the two guys are still friends.

Justin’s dad was the one who taught him to drive!

His music video for his top hit tune ‘Sorry’ has 3 billion views and counting on YouTube!

That’s it for now! Do you have any more facts about this famous singer?

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