Earth Science For Kids

Let’s learn all about our amazing Earth and what happens on our planet! From facts about deserts and mountains to the different types of rocks on our planet, we have lots of interesting subjects to explore.

Let’s dive right in! We hope you enjoy learning about these subjects.


Amazon Rainforest Facts

Cactus Plants


Crystal Facts

Earth’s Crust Facts

Earthquake Facts

Erosion Facts

Forest Facts

Fossil Facts


Global Warming Facts

Grand Canyon Facts

Hurricane Facts

Layers of the Earth

How is Rain Formed?

Igneous Rocks Facts

Jungle Facts

Metamorphic Rock Facts

Mississippi River Facts


Mountain Facts

Nile River Facts

Polar Climate Facts

Rainbow Facts

Rainforest Facts

Rocks and Minerals

Sandstorm Facts

Sedimentary Rocks


Snow Facts

Solar Energy

Tectonic Plate Facts

Tornado Facts

Tropical Climate Facts

Volcano Facts

Waterfall Facts