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14 Fantastic Facts About October (One Must Know!)

October is a fantastic month with lots of enjoyable activities such as Halloween, the opportunity to jump into piles of colorful autumn leaves, and even National Pizza Month.

In this blog, you can discover the origin of its name, interesting historical information, notable holidays to observe, gardening tips, the best time to witness the full Hunter’s Moon, and more.

Let’s look at the history of October, the customs we observe during it, and a few interesting tidbits to tie it all together.

14 Fantastic Facts About October

October Symbols:

There are a few distinct emblems for each month of the year. Each month has a birthstone that goes with it. astrological signs based on a birth month, along with a monthly flower.

According to the month you were born, these are all based. With your children, enjoy the month of October and teach them interesting facts about holidays, flowers, and birthstones.

1. Birthstone: 

October is associated with two birthstones: tourmaline and opal.

Tourmalines are thought to have the ability to promote a sense of calmness during stressful situations, as well as bring about feelings of peace and serenity while countering negative emotions like jealousy and anger.

Conversely, opal gemstones are believed to possess the ability to treat eye infections, improve memory retention, soothe nerves, and stimulate creativity.


2. Flower: 

The calendula is the customary flower associated with the month of October, and it is emblematic of comfort, healing, protection, and grace.

flower associated with the month of October

Its bright yellow-orange petals evoke the beauty of autumn sunsets and the colourful foliage of changing leaves.

3. Zodiac signs

Libra and Scorpio are the October zodiac signs in astrology.

The astrological sign of Libra is in effect from September  23  through October 22 while Scorpio is in effect from October 23 to November 21.

Zodiac Signs

October Fun Facts

1. Autumn Delights: Interesting Tidbits and Trivia about the Month of October

Unlike our current solar-based calendar, the ancient Roman calendar relied on lunar cycles.

Consequently, October was known as the eighth month in their original ten-month calendar, as its name directly translates to “the eighth month” in Latin.

2.  The Intriguing Origins of October’s Names in Different Cultures

October’s names have interesting origins in different cultures. The Anglo-Saxons called it Winterfylleth, referring to the first full moon of the month as the start of winter.

The Saxons named it Wyn Monath, meaning “wine month” due to wine-making season. These intriguing names contribute to the appeal of October.

3. Mahatma Gandhi: A Political and Spiritual Leader Born on October 2nd, 1869

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, the internationally renowned Indian political and spiritual leader, was born on October 2nd, 1869. He is widely recognized for his nonviolent approach to fighting against colonial British rule in India.

4. Halloween: Celebrating the Eve of All Hallows’ Day with Costumes and Disguises

Halloween is an annual celebration observed in several countries on October 31st, which is the eve of All Hallows’ Day.

The belief is that on this day, spirits can roam the earth freely. As a result, people often wear costumes and disguises to mark the occasion.

Celebrating the Eve of All Hallows' Day

5. ​​Pumpkin Spiced Latte: A Fall Classic Invented in 2014 by Starbucks Employee Peter Dukes

The pumpkin spiced latte, or PSL, has become a beloved autumnal beverage.

Starbucks employee Peter Dukes invented this comforting blend of pumpkin and spices in 2014.

MyFitnessPal reports that the highest number of pumpkin-spiced lattes recorded in their diet tracker takes place on October 31st.

6. “World Smile Day: Spreading Happiness and Kindness Every October”

World Smile Day is observed on the first Friday of every October, encouraging people to spread happiness by smiling and performing small acts of kindness.

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to spread positivity and joy to those around you and make the world a happier place.

7. “Oktoberfest: The World’s Largest Beer Festival in Bavaria, Germany”

Oktoberfest: he World's Largest Beer Festival in Bavaria, Germany

Every year in the Bavarian region of Germany, the world’s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, takes place.

This traditional event attracts more than 6 million visitors who collectively consume over 7 million liters of beer. That’s a lot of beer!

8. “October’s Impact on American History: Columbus, Chicago Fire, and Statue of Liberty”

October has been the month of many significant events in American history.

One such event is Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Additionally, the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred on October 8th, 1871, devastated the city and rendered 100,000 people homeless.

Another important occurrence was in October 1886 when France bestowed upon the US the famous Statue of Liberty.

9. “The Fascinating October Pumpkin Industry in the US: Sales, Traditions, and Fun Facts”

One fascinating fact about October is that more than 50% of the US population purchases pumpkins during this month.


The October pumpkin industry generates $708 million in sales each year. Carving jack-o-lanterns is undeniably a beloved October custom in the US.

10. “The World Series: Major League Baseball’s October Tradition since 1903”

Major League Baseball’s World Series, which commences annually in October, has been a long-standing tradition since its inception on October 1st, 1903.

The Boston Americans emerged victorious in the inaugural World Series. On October 26th, 2021, the most recent World Series got underway, and on October 28th, 2021, the Atlanta Braves won their fourth championship.

11. “The Spectacular Changing of Leaves in October: A Major Tourist Attraction in the Northeastern US”

transformation of leaves

One of October’s most magnificent phenomena is the transformation of leaves, which is also a significant attraction for tourism.

In the United States, people flock to the northeastern region where vast areas of maples, birches, and poplars change their colors from vibrant greens to stunning shades of red, yellow, and orange.

12. October harvest

October marks the transition from summer to fall, bringing cooler temperatures and shorter days in the Northern hemisphere.

However, it is also a month of abundant harvests for many crops, including apples, carrots, corn, grapes, onions, potatoes, and squash. And of course, pumpkins are also in season!

13. Diwali – the Festival of Lights

Diwali, celebrated in October, is an important event in Hindu culture.

The festival of lights represents the triumph of illumination and righteousness over obscurity.

Diwali - the Festival of Lights

Celebrations include lighting firecrackers and enjoying sweet treats.

14. October-born Libras: The Musical Superstars

October-born individuals under the star sign of Libra might have a knack for music, as some of the biggest music superstars, such as Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Jimin from BTS, and Eminem, were born under this sign.

October activities for Kids:

Autumn enthusiasts, get ready to celebrate! The season you’ve been waiting for has arrived, and with it, a plethora of exciting autumn activities for kids.

As the temperature drops and the leaves transform into vibrant hues, it’s time to consider how to encourage children of all ages to step outside and enjoy all the wonders of this incredible season.

Alternatively, there are also many fun indoor activities available in October.

Indoor Spider Hunt and DIY Spider Web Activity for Kids in October

An indoor activity for kids in October is to go on a spider hunt and look for any cobwebs hiding in the house.

Once found, they can be dusted off and then children can create their own spider webs using popsicle sticks, tape, and pipe cleaners.

DIY Spider Web Activity

“Teach Your Kids About Fall Harvest at Your Local Farmer’s Market”

One fun and educational activity to do with kids in the fall is to take them to a local farmer’s market.

This is an opportunity to teach them about the types of foods that are harvested during this season, such as pumpkins, apples, squash, and various types of root vegetables.

You can also use this as an opportunity to teach them about the benefits of eating seasonal, locally-sourced produce, as well as the importance of supporting small farmers and businesses in the community.

Visit a Local Botanical Garden to See the Changing Leaves and Seasonal Plants

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of fall is by visiting a local botanical garden.

Take a leisurely stroll and witness the spectacular colors of the changing leaves. The seasonal plants and flowers that blossom at this time of year can also be seen.

It’s a great educational opportunity for children and a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. So grab your family and head to your local botanical garden for a memorable fall experience.

Nature-inspired Fall Crafts: Collecting Leaves on Hiking Trails

Nature-inspired Fall Crafts Collecting Leaves on Hiking Trails

During your hiking trip this fall, consider collecting leaves to use for fun and engaging autumn crafts.

Kids can create a colorful collage by pasting leaves onto construction paper. Alternatively, they can make leaf rubbings by placing a leaf under a piece of paper and rubbing a crayon across the paper.


October is a breathtaking time of year, regardless of your location. With nature showing off its vibrant colors, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty around us.

While many people eagerly anticipate Halloween and the festivities it brings, October offers much more than just spooky celebrations. It’s a time to pause and take in the splendor of the season, whether it’s through spending time with loved ones, enjoying the warm weather, or simply admiring the changing leaves.

Hence, let’s make the most of this great season while we still can.

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