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Fun Baseball Facts for Kids

Baseball is a classic American pastime and one of the most popular sports in the world. There are baseball leagues all over the world, and players have made names for themselves after becoming successful athletes in this sport. From when the sport became popular to the number of hot dogs eaten at baseball games, we’ve covered a lot of interesting facts in the guide below. 

In this article, we’re going to look at a list of facts about baseball that you might not have known about before! Let’s take a closer look. 

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13 interesting facts about baseball

The song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is considered to be the game’s theme song. 

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game or watched one on TV, then you’ve probably heard this song at some point! Take Me Out to the Ball Game was written in 1908 by Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth. Norworth wrote the song after he saw a sign when riding the subway. His wife Nora sang it in a vaudeville performance, and it was only played at a baseball game several years later in 1934. As the years have gone by, this song has played a significant role in popular culture, with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly singing it at the beginning of the movie Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Barry Bonds has hit the most home runs in the history of baseball. 

Barry Bonds
Source: Corn Farmer

Many consider Barry Bonds to be the greatest baseball player of all time. In addition to hitting 73 home runs in a single season and setting the record for upcoming baseball players, he has also hit 762 home runs throughout the course of his career. His career has seen him play for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants and win numerous accolades. These include eight Gold Glove awards and 12 Silver Slugger Awards. 

Baseball became popular in the 1850s. 

After baseball gained popularity, a craze took over the New York area in the 1850s and 1860s, particularly in the Metropolitan area of New York. By the mid-1850s, journalists started calling baseball a national pastime. Baseball leagues started to form around this time, with the first governing body forming in 1857. 

Jefferson Burdick donated his baseball cards to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Burdick had a sizeable collection of baseball cards. He’d started building his set of cards from the time he was 10 years old, and when he donated his stash to the museum, there were over 30,000 in his collection! Even today, some of the cards he donated are displayed in the American Wing. 

Baseball is a popular sport in Asia

Baseball is a popular sport in Asia

Even though baseball is generally known as the classic American pastime, it is also very popular in South Korea and Japan. Over 20 million people watched baseball in 2007, and the sport earned over a billion dollars in the same year. Additionally, baseball has gained significant amounts of popularity in Taiwan, making it one of the most highly watched sports in the country. 

Baseball has played a significant role in popular culture. 

Aside from being one of the most highly watched sports in the world, baseball as a cultural phenomenon has inspired many playwrights and artists to create different works. For instance, The Pride of the Yankees and Field of Dreams are two of the most popular baseball movies in cinematic history. Additionally, Moneyball by Micheal Lewis and The Glory of Their Times by Lawrence S. Ritter are two notable nonfiction books about baseball. 

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Babe Ruth is considered to be the greatest baseball player of all time. 

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth has a prolific career as a baseball player. As a major league baseball player, he was often called “the Sultan of Swat” and “the Bambino.” Ruth was famous for being an excellent pitcher; his success as a pitcher saw his team win 23 games in a single season twice. Ruth’s team won three World Series when he played for the Red Sox. His team also won the World Series Twice when he played for the Yankees. 

The baseball hall of fame has more than 300 members. 

There have been several excellent baseball players, and more than 300 of them belong to the baseball hall of fame. Some of them include Hugh Duffy, Joe Tinker, Ed Walsh, Fred Clarke, and Bill Terry. 

The fast baseball game in recorded history was only 32 minutes long. 

The average baseball game usually lasts about three hours, but one of the fastest baseball games ever played was just over half an hour long! This game took place over 100 years ago in 1910, played between the Atlanta Crackers and the Mobile Sea Gulls. A second short game was played six years later in 1916 between the Winston-Salem Twins and the Asheville Tourists, and this game was only 31 minutes long. 

The worst injury a baseball player can get is a labrum tear. 

Getting injured in any way is terrible, but the worst way for a baseball player to get injured is by tearing their labrum. When a player tears their labrum, it means that the cartilage which is attached to their shoulder socket rips. Since baseball players rely on the strength of their shoulders to pitch and hit the ball, this type of injury can significantly end a baseball career and reduce their range of motion. 

Maple wood bats are the most common type of baseball bat. 

Maple wood bats

Even though metal baseball bats used to be very popular, Major League has changed the rules, meaning players can only use wooden bats. This is because wooden bats are less dangerous and will not harm players as much as a wooden bat would. Before players started using maple wood bats, manufacturers made baseball bats from ash wood. However, after Barry Bonds broke baseball records with a maple bat, many players started copying him, so maple bats became popular. 

Hotdogs are one of the most commonly eaten food at baseball games. 


It’s no secret that people love to snack when watching sporting events, and hotdogs are one of the most popular and common snacks found at concession stands. Studies have shown that over 20 million people eat hotdogs during baseball season! While hotdogs are typically associated with America, historians discovered that eating hotdogs at sporting events stemmed from European immigrants who sold food at games. They discovered that sausages were easy to make and eat while watching the game, and that’s how the history of hot dogs came into existence. 

Japan won the gold medal in baseball at the Olympics in 2020. 

Japan beat America in 2020 at the summer Olympics, marking the first time that the country has won a gold medal in baseball. South Korea was also beaten by the Dominican Republic, earning a bronze baseball medal!  

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In this article, we took you through a list of 13 cool facts about baseball. This prolific sport has seen people all over the world come together to support their favorite teams, and it continues to maintain its status as one of the greatest sports of all time. We hope our information helped you and pushed you to learn more about baseball and its marvelous history!

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