US Presidents For Kids

US President Facts

Let’s explore all of the presidents who came before, who helped make our country great! Even if you are not American, you may be very interested to read about these brilliant men too.

Or, maybe some are brilliant, and others not so much! What do you think?

Here is a list of the US Presidents and their biographies.

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1stGeorge Washington

John Adams

2ndJohn Adams

Thomas Jefferson

3rdThomas Jefferson

James Madison

4thJames Madison

James Monroe biography

5thJames Monroe

John Quincy Adams biography

6thJohn Quincy Adams

Andrew Jackson portrait

7thAndrew Jackson

martin van buren portrait

8thMartin Van Buren

william henry harrison

9thWilliam Henry Harrison

John Tyler portrait

10thJohn Tyler

James Polk portrait

11thJames K. Polk

Zachary Taylor portrait

12thZachary Taylor

Millard Fillmore picture

13thMillard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce portrait

14thFranklin Pierce

James Buchanan portrait

15thJohn Buchanan

Andrew Johnson picture

16thAndrew Johnson