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13 Interesting Facts About Winter For Kids

Winter means hot chocolate and lots of cozy snuggles. What more do you need to make a kid fall in love with winters?  From making snowmen to coming home to a mug of hot chocolate, there’s plenty to celebrate! Kids love being wrapped up in warm blankets inside their house; playing video games or just watching TV. Also, some children are crazy about playing and skating in the snow; they like it a lot.

Interesting Facts About Winter For Kids

It is fun to go out and travel and explore different places in winter. Especially kids are full of joy, wearing their gloves and coats, screaming with full energy. This article will discuss some interesting facts about winter for kids. 

Interesting Facts About Winter  

1. Snowflakes 

Have you ever seen a snowflake the size of a pan? These flakes can be up to 16-17 inches wide. The snowstorm of Fort Keogh had such big snowflakes. Of course, every snowflake has a different pattern. But in 1988 atmospheric research center in Colorado reported two of them to be twins as they had the same features and pattern. 

2. Thundersnow

Ever heard a loud rumbling sound! When a snowstorm is passing, it is called thundersnow. This phenomenon is relatively unusual and only takes place in winters. When warm columns of air rise from the surface near the lake, they form massive storm clouds in the sky during winter. 


There are some more factors for thundersnow to take place. If it happens just above our head, thundersnow can be completely missed.

3. Chill (Temperature Drop)

The temperature drop is a very common thing about winters. But a sudden drastic change in temperature during winters is noticed less; this happened in South Dakota. The date was 10 January 1911, the day started with a very calm temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and just in 12 minutes, the temperature fell to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It holds a world record for the fastest weather change. During winters, the temperature is extremely low, and when we breathe out, the vapor that comes out from the mouth freezes instantly. It can be noticed as a fog-like thing coming out of the mouth. 

4. Earth Being Closest To The Sun 

We know it is a bit hard to believe that the Earth is closer to the Sun during winters than it ever was. But, ever wondered how this could happen? Winters on Earth have nothing to do with distance from the Sun; it is actually due to a tilt in the earth’s axis. 

5. The Snowiest City On Earth

Snowiest City On Earth

Aomori city, located in Japan on the northern side, attains the greatest amount of snowfall worldwide. Every year the city is gifted with a layer of snow 26 feet (312 Inches) wide. Aomori city is so cold that its average temperature is normally 1 degree Celsius and winds usually flow at a rate of 16km/h. The humidity level is around 75 percent; therefore, the weather is extremely humid. 

6. Snowballs 

We all make snowballs and play with them But what if you’re walking peacefully and a snowball hits your head? You see that the snowball comes directly from the sky. 


YES! This is also possible. Soft snow can also turn into  snowballs due to the rolling motion of water and wind. These snowballs can get a lot bigger than you thought. Sometimes it can get up to 3 feet in width, which is very big. 

7. Dispose Of Snow Becomes A Common Activity

Disposal situations come when due to heavy snowfall,  the roads of big cities gets jammed or when the amount of snow gets out of control. These two situations would impel you to dispose of the snow and develop creative ways to get rid of snow. For example, snow is collected in open areas like parking lots and kept there; therefore, it gets melted when the temperature turns a bit warmer.

Walking Street during Snow

8. Winter Holidays

Winter comes with a decent amount of holidays which are the most liked thing by students. Although there are celebrations like Christmas and New Year, children enjoy being free from school during these holidays. 

During these holidays, children get less homework than Summer holidays. Children get a good break due to holidays. Due to the winter holidays, they get involved in physical and other creative work. 

9. The Real Reason For Cold In Winters

During winters, the axis of Earth is tilted towards the Sun. Although the Earth is very close to the Sun, the real reason for the cold is the tilt in its axis. The Sun also looks big in winters, as the Earth is near the Sun. 

#10 Animals During Winter 

Animals hibernate in winters. Hibernation is a state of rest. Some animals that hibernate are bears, squirrels, and mice. Some animals collect enough food to last the whole winter and live on it rather than hibernating

Animals During Winter

Butterflies and other birds migrate to more suitable environments during the cold winter months. Therefore, big flocks  of birds can be seen during winter. Animals with heavy fur on their bodies get even more thick fur in winters,so as to protect them from the cold.. 

11. Plants During Winter

Like animals, plants also behave differently in winters. Some plants need winter (cold weather) to develop and mature, while others shed leaves during  winter. For example, wheat crops need cold weather to get nicely developed. 

Plants During Winter

The flowering plum is a plant that bears flowers when Chinese New Year comes. Hardening is how plants become used to the harsh weather conditions to which they are exposed. 

12. Evolution Of Humans

Nature is supreme. If it gives us this beautiful, chilling weather, it also gives us certain ways and key changes in our bodies to withstand these cold temperatures. It implies that humans have good immunity and the power to withstand the cold. Also, thanks to the new technology (heaters, electric blankets, etc.), we can bear the chilling cold. 

13. Long Nights 

Have you ever noticed that during winters, days are small and nights are long! It is true, and this happens. Nights are long and snowy cold; even hot deserts freeze at night in the winter. Days are very short during this season. Also, daylight goes off very fast, and in a few minutes, dark comes up and the Sun disappears into the falling snow. 

Winter Activities For Kids

Winter activities include building a snowman, ice skating, playing with snow, and other playful activities. All these activities are a nice way to have fun with family and friends, especially for kids. In addition, children can do craftwork which develops their skills from the comfort of their home. 


Kids also enjoy making snowballs and throwing them at each other, and these activities are energy-consuming, which helps the kids stay warm. However, children should stay very careful when out in winters. They should wear proper gloves, coats, and a scarf to protect against cold winds. Children have many other sweet options as winter activities such as: 

  • Playing dodge ball with snow
  • Making a snowman and make it wear a hat
  • Treasure hunt
  • Pass the snowball
  • Show angels
  • Make snow forts
  • Painting
  • Craftwork
  • Tic tac toe on snow
  • Make slime

All these winter activities help your children make their winters adventurous and enlightening. 


In the end, you can conclude that winter is a beautiful and delightful season. Everything outside is covered with a blanket of white snow. White snow reflects the lightning of homes, and people also decorate the trees with lights. 
When snow falls at night, it looks very beautiful in these lights. Winters are great for children to learn snowboarding and skiing that helps them to attain a healthy-level of self-confidence. Regardless of whether you’re staying home or traveling, there’s never nothing to do in the wintertime. as it helps them get more creative and offers them new ideas to spend time at their home with their parents. We hope the above article helped your kids learn interesting and lesser-known facts about winter.

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