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Facts About Air Force Two for Kids (2024 Updated)


I’m sure we’ve all heard of Air Force One through thriller movies, TV shows, and the likes. It is the aircraft that carries the President of the United States of America and their staff. 

Facts About Air Force Two for Kids

But I’m pretty sure that you didn’t know there were 15 similar aircrafts nominated to carry other important government officials. These include the Members of Congress and other state leaders. 

So, who is Air Force Two for? Let’s find out!

What is Air Force Two?

Air Force Two is the air traffic call sign for any US aircraft that carries the Vice President and their staff. They usually fly in the specially appointed Boeing 757, C-32 kept by the US Air Force. 

Imagine having an airplane all to yourself and your buddies. Fun, right? And they even have special air traffic call signals for you to ensure your safety and protection!

Kamala Harris, our current Vice President, uses the Boeing C-32 for official business reasons. 

It is one of the most IMPORTANT airplanes that flies in the US airspace. It is second only to the flight that carries the President and their staff! How cool is that?!

What Does Air Force Two Do?

Now we know that the Air Force Two is not a plane, but an air traffic call sign. The aircraft that the Vice President uses is typically a C-32A, which is a military-grade plane. 

Air Force Two

So, when this airplane flies in the US airspace, this call sign ensures that the Vice President and their staff is kept safe and sound for the entire flight. 

Facts About Air Force Two

Okay! That was a lot of information to take in, wasn’t it? Let’s check out some cool, fun facts about the Air Force Two!

One ticket, please!

Did you know it costs $30,000 to operate the aircraft for just ONE HOUR? Now that’s an expensive trip! 

The media representatives who fly with the Vice President have to pay for their own ticket and even the VP’s staff have to pay for their own meals! 

Is it a plane? Is it SuperMan? No! It’s a bird!

Even military-grade planes designed for the Vice President face trouble sometimes. For example, in 2012, when Joe Biden was the Vice President, a flock of birds struck the plane! And he had to switch to another aircraft as a precaution! 

No pilot? No problem!

Air Force Two on the Ground

All Air Force airplanes can land themselves and even stop itself on full autopilot if necessary. Isn’t that cool? Imagine the pilots had too many coffees before flying. They don’t have to worry about handling the plane, because it can run by itself! 

What happens to the old planes?

The planes used by previous Presidents, Vice Presidents and other government officials are moved to Air Force reserve units. From there, they are auctioned off and donated to museums. 

If you want to visit a museum with these old Air Force planes, the Air Mobility Command Museum in Delaware is a great place. Visitors can tour the VC-9C, which was the first to have a special communications suite installed for the vice presidents. 

A flying house?

The Air Force plane provides a lot of comforts for the vice presidents it hosts, although it’s nothing compared to the one that’s for the president. Even so, these flights have enclosed private quarters with a desk, private bathrooms, separate entertainmetn systems and a pull-out couch. 

Inside of the Air Force Two

Imagine waking up to a view of the sunrise over a majestic sea of mountains! 


The Air Force Two is not an airplane itself, contrary to popular belief. It is an air traffic call sign that ensures the Vice President and their staff remains safe throughout the duration of the flight. 

The flight itself has a lot of impressive features, from autopilot landing to an impressive private suite for the Vice President. 

If you want to check out an aircraft that was previously used by a US Vice President, definitely check out the Air Mobility Command Museum in Delaware. Make a it a fun, informative roadtrip for you and your family!