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12 Interesting Christ the Redeemer Facts for Kids (2024 Updated)

Christ the Redeemer, the towering statue that overlooks the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, is an iconic symbol of Brazil and a marvel of engineering and artistry. Standing atop the Corcovado mountain, this majestic monument attracts millions of visitors every year. It has become a beloved landmark and a source of inspiration for people everywhere.

In this article, we delve into 12 intriguing and unique facts about Christ the Redeemer, shedding light on its fascinating history and impressive features.

Christ the Redeemer Facts for Kids

What is Christ the Redeemer?

Christ the Redeemer is not just a regular statue, it’s like a giant superhero overlooking the city! With its incredible size and powerful presence, it’s known as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Can you believe that? 

It’s made of strong concrete and covered with millions of tiny tiles, which makes it look even more amazing. So, the next time you see a picture of Christ the Redeemer, remember that it’s not just a statue. It’s a symbol of strength and a marvel of human creativity!

History of Christ the Redeemer

History of Christ the Redeemer

Long ago, in the 1920s, some people in Brazil had an excellent idea. They wanted to build a big statue of Jesus to show his love to the world. It took many years of hard work to bring this idea to life. The statue, Christ the Redeemer, was built on top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro. People worked really hard to build this colossal statue, and it took them five whole years to complete it. Visitors from all over the world come and admire this amazing statue.

12 Interesting Facts About Christ the Redeemer

1. The Giant of Rio

This statue is gigantic! It stands as tall as a 10-story building, reaching a height of 98 feet. Its arms are so wide that they stretch across the length of a basketball court. 

2. A Monument Made to Last

Christ the Redeemer is made of strong concrete and covered with over 6 million pieces of soapstone tiles. These tiles protect the statue from weather damage and give it a unique appearance. 

3. Open Arms of Love

The statue represents Jesus Christ and symbolizes his love and embrace for everyone. It’s a powerful reminder of peace and unity. It’s like a big, warm hug from heaven!

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4. A World’s Treasure

 In 2007, Christ the Redeemer was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This prestigious title recognizes its importance as a cultural and historical treasure. A treasure that we must preserve.

5. Picture-Perfect Views

Full Mountain View of Christ the Redeemer

Imagine standing near the statue and enjoying breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro! You can see famous landmarks like Sugarloaf Mountain and beautiful beaches from the observation deck. You feel like being on top of the world!

6. Super Heavy

Christ the Redeemer from the Lower side

Christ the Redeemer weighs as much as 625 small cars! That’s because it’s made of solid materials and stands strong on the Corcovado mountain. 

7. Illuminated at Night

When the sun sets, Christ the Redeemer shines brightly with powerful lights. Its radiant glow can be seen from different parts of the city, creating a magical sight. 

8. Modern Upgrades

Full statue of Christ the Redeemer with Base

In 2014, the statue received technological upgrades. Energy-efficient LED lights were installed, making it more environmentally friendly while enhancing its illumination. 

9. Inspiring Artists and Filmmakers

Christ the Redeemer has inspired artists, filmmakers, and writers worldwide. It has appeared in movies, documentaries, and music videos, leaving a lasting impression on popular culture. 

10. Lightning-safe Statue.

To protect the statue from lightning strikes, a special lightning rod was installed. It keeps Christ the Redeemer safe during storms and ensures that nothing harms this precious monument.

11. A place of Joyous Celebrations.

Touriest  in front of Christ the Redeemer

Throughout the year, Christ the Redeemer is a gathering place for religious events and celebrations, such as Easter and New Year’s Eve. It brings people together in a spirit of joy and unity. 

12. Beloved Icon for Brazilians.

Christ the Redeemer is not just a statue; it represents the spirit and identity of Brazil. It’s a national treasure that fills Brazilians with pride and symbolizes their rich culture. 


Now you know some incredible facts about Christ the Redeemer! This monumental statue has amazed visitors from around the world with its grandeur and significance. From its colossal size to its cultural importance, Christ the Redeemer stands as a symbol of love,