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15 Captivating Colombia Facts for Kids 2024 [Must Read]

Curious about Colombia? Well, are you one of the Nat Geo Kids who is always ready to rumble in the Amazon jungle? Or one of those still tapping for the chirping of the famous ‘Waka Waka’? Then you have already taken a step closer to learning about Colombia. The Amazon rainforest you want to explore is in Colombia, while your favorite singer Shakira is Colombian.

Colombia Facts for Kids

From up North all the way down to the bottom South, there are countless countries and cultures present to explore. One such country that exists is Columbia. It has the perfect culmination of contemporary city life and the pure serenity of unexplored nature to give you the taste of whatever you want.

Basic Colombia Facts

Popularly termed ‘the Gateway of South America’, Colombia is the only country named after Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer who sailed near the Caribbean shores in the 1400s. From Narcos to Blow, the country has been interesting and downright terrifying. 

Beautiful Cartagena City of Colombia

However, it is far from that, and some facts about the country will surprise you! Here are some of the best basic Colombia facts!

  • Official Country Name – Republica de Colombia or Republic of Colombia
  • Continent – South America
  • Population – Colombia has More than 51 million people (2022)
  • Capital City – The capital is Bogota, with a population of 11 million inhabitants, and is known as the largest city in the country.
  • Primary Language – Spanish
  • Currency – Peso
  • Area – 439,619 square miles
  • Independence – July 20, 1810
  • National Bird – Andean condor
  • National Sport – Tejo
  • National Flower – Orchid
  • National Tree – Wax Palm tree
  • National Motto – Libertad y Orden (Freedom and Order)
  • National Flag – The National flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolor– yellow, blue (both these colors are adapted from the Spanish flag), and red, respectively. The flag represented the country’s independence from Spain and was accepted by law on November 26, 1981.
    • Red – Symbolizes the Bloodshed of soldiers in the war for independence.
    • Yellow – Represents the Natural rich heritage of the country.
    • Blue – Signifies the Liberty and Sovereignty of the Nation.
  • Famous personalities – Shakira, James Rodiguez, Juanes, Sofia Vergara

Funtastic Colombia Facts for Kids

In a nutshell, Colombia has been living in the shadows for many years despite the amazing variety of landscapes and its share of famous people. Here we have collected and listed some compelling Colombia facts for kids that you probably haven’t heard before and will never forget.

The infamous ‘Liquid Rainbow.’

Cano Cristales River in Colombia transforms the freshwater into a liquid rainbow every year, full of splashing colors and clashing against the grey rocks, highlighted with the crystal blue water. Also known as the River of five colors, the River will come alive with brilliant red, yellow, green, blue, and black due to the blooming aquatic plants on the water’s surface.

Cano Cristales River

Say No to ‘No’

Colombians are taught that saying NO is rude. Well, that’s a tough catch for us. But if a Colombian has to say no, they avoid the word like the plague. Instead, they behave hesitantly around the particular issues while explaining their reasoning for not accepting or taking part rather than just a ‘NO.’

Coffee is a Norm for Children

Coming to the coffee theme, it’s completely normal for Colombian children to drink coffee, especially after meals. Well, what can we say? It is a coffee country! Coffee con Leche (Coffee with milk) is a popular dinner treat for young Colombians, while the adults prefer strong black coffee to increase their energy level.

The National Sport is Tejo – Not Soccer.

Most of us believe soccer is the national sport for all South American countries. However, Tejo is the national sport of Colombia and involves throwing heavy metal or clay disks onto the gunpowder landmines buried in the soil. Even though it doesn’t ‘sound’ fun, the explosion after each throw will ‘sound’ amusing when you witness the game.

6 AM/PM every day – Particularly Patriotic

Colombians are extremely patriotic, and their laws reflect the same fact – ‘Duty before life’. The mandatory law 198 of Colombia states that ‘Oh Gloria immarcesible!’  (O, Unfading Glory) should be played every day at 6 AM(when it gets light) and 6 PM (when it gets dark) on both radios and public television.

Bogota Colombia

Their national anthem focuses on the tale of the country’s fight for independence. So, if you plan a Colombian tour for your next vacation, you might want to learn the spirited lyrics.

Only Country with Access to Two Coastlines

Colombia is the only country in South America with 2000 miles of combined coastlines – one on the Caribbean sea and the other on the Pacific Ocean. Each of the coastlines has its distinct charm and characteristics. There are over 300 beaches that tourists and locals can take advantage of during vacation.

Moreover, the rivaling coast gives two different Colombian experiences – start daydreaming about the vibrant Cartagena in the Caribbean or ensure to enjoy the laid-back Cali in the pacific.

A long list of Holidays

Colombians are better known for their love of relaxation. On average, every Colombian employee is entitled to 2 or 3 weeks of vacation per year. But the well-known fact is that they have 18 official public holidays in their account per year. It is one of the countries with the most National holidays in the world, besides Iran, India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

Tourist Spot in Columbia

Hub for Gigantic Palm Trees

Well-known for its natural diversity, Colombia has the tallest Palm trees in the world, which can be grown up to 60 meters. Surprised? Furthermore, of the 14 species of Wax palm trees in the world, 7 of them can be found in Colombia and can be viewed in the Cocora Valley.

Palm Trees

They are not only an impressive addition shrouded in the misty damp fog but also make a perfect home for some of the endangered bird species in the country.

Megadiverse country for a Reason

Colombia is the second most megadiverse country in the world, where you can get one out of every 10 species on earth. The key aspect to representing 10% of flora and fauna is its varied ecosystem – deserts, rainforests, Andean cloud forests, and wide open savannahs, where every kind of organism can grow and thrive. The country ranks first in bird species, especially butterfly and orchid species.

Famous Coffee Exporter

Following Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia is the third largest exporter of coffee in the world. A report indicates that they have shipped 84,000 tons of coffee to other countries. As you pave your way through this coffee town, you can view the country’s mountain ranges with more than 500,00 coffee farming families.

Coffee Beans

Speaks Spanish more than Spain

Colombia has the second-highest number of Spanish speakers, which accounts for more than 99.2%. Besides Mexico, Colombia has the largest number of native Spanish speakers, with over 49 million, while people speak Creole English in San Andres and Providencia.

The Two (or No) seasonal country

Colombia is a tropical country that passes the equator in the South. It means the country doesn’t have four seasons. Since the temperature is stable throughout the year, the rainy season is the only seasonal change. In addition, some parts of the country have the same weather throughout the year, like Medellin, popularly known as ‘The City of the Eternal Spring’.

Leading source of Emeralds

Colombia is the perfect source of the purest Emerald in the world. They are known for the superior quality and countless variety of these green tomes, meeting 70-80% of the global demand for emeralds.


Voted as the Happiest Place in the world

Colombia has often been voted the happiest country in the world for many years. When the people filled out a survey based on their feelings, it was found that over 85% of Colombians are happy. Ever wondered why?

Despite their age or gender, Colombians are incredibly friendly and kind and always love to sing or dance, regardless of their status. They view and live life for what it is – to be enjoyed.

Home to Pretty Pink Dolphin

Yes, you read it right, the existence of Pink dolphins is real, and they are spotted in Colombia. Also known as Amazon river dolphins, boto or bout, the pink dolphins are considered the most intelligent creature.

Pink Dolphin

Their brain capacity is 40% larger than humans and is extremely friendly. Even though they are pink in color, they can also be brown or light grey. They are thought to get the pink shade when excited or surprised.


So, here we have it – 15 fun Colombia facts for kids. Now you know why Colombia is one of the most popular countries across the world. Known for its diverse landscape, you cannot deny the fact that the country has it all, be it Amazon jungles and Andes mountains or coffee and cultural heritage. There is so much to discover in the nation; even if you spend years, you will still learn something new daily!

We haven’t exactly uncovered Colombia’s treasure chest of enthralling secrets. But we have scratched the surface of introducing to its people its rich culture, ancient folklores, and its magnificent cultural delights. Even though it won’t make you an expert, it will put you one step ahead in embarking on a Colombian virtual tour!

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