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12 Interesting Lego Facts For Kids (2024 Updated!)

Lego blocks are some of the world’s most loved toys today. They’re played with by kids all over the world and have spawned multiple movie franchises, theme parks, video games, and retail stores. 

Lego Facts For Kids

In this article, we’re going to go through the history of Lego, as well as some interesting facts about these plastic blocks and how they took the world by storm. Let’s get right into it. 

History of Lego

Lego began almost 100 years ago when its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen began producing toys. He was the owner of a woodworking shop that built furniture and houses for people, but after it caught fire, Christiansen began working on expanding and rebuilding his business. Unfortunately, the Great Depression hit a few years later, and Christiansen began to lose more and more customers. 

Lego piece

Since he had more time to focus on other things, he began to make miniature models of his designs. These models eventually inspired him to start making toys, and by 1932, his shop started to make things like piggybanks, houses, and trucks. 

As time went on and plastic became available in Denmark, Christiansen began to change the way that the toys were made, and eventually, the Lego company was born. 

10 Interesting Facts About Lego

1. The name Lego originated from a contest. 

As the business grew more successful, Ole Kirk Christiansen wanted to rename his company and call it something special, so he held a contest among his office staff. The contest winner would get a bottle of wine as the prize! After all the names were suggested, Christiansen narrowed his options down to Lego, which stemmed from the Danish phrase “leg godt,” which means play well, and Legio, which stemmed from Legion of Toys. He eventually chose Lego, and that’s what the company has been called ever since! 

2. Lego produces the most toy tires in the world. 

Kid playing with lego kit

Since Lego’s product range consists of so many different types of blocks and other materials, they also produce toy tires for their vehicle toys. Back in 2010, Lego produced over 381 million toy tires, and they haven’t stopped ever since, making them the largest toy tire manufacturer in the world. 

3. There is a version of the Bible made entirely from Legos. 

Elbe Spurling started a project where she illustrated stories from the Bible using only Lego bricks. The project is called The Brick Bible, and it was started in 2001. When Spurling first began the project, she created six different images from the book of Genesis. All of the images that she created using Legos were from her personal collection of Legos. Some of the sets were from the 1960s! 

4. There are more than 400 billion Lego bricks all over the world. 

This number is only an approximation! Research has shown that the Lego company produces around 36 billion pieces of Lego every year, which means that they produce around 5 million pieces every hour and 100 million pieces every day. 

5. The biggest Lego sculpture has over 5 million pieces. 

Castle made from lego

The biggest sculpture that has ever been made from Lego bricks had over 5.8 million pieces in it! This sculpture is a replica of Tower Bridge, and it was created for the Land Rover company to launch their new Discovery Car. This sculpture broke the Guinness World Record for the largest Lego sculpture and beat the previous world record. The older Lego sculpture consisted of around 470,000 pieces. 

6. Lego has its own theme park. 

Lego’s theme park is called Legoland. The first Legoland was opened in Billund, Denmark in 1968, and is the largest tourist attraction in Denmark. The next 10 Legolands were opened after 2002 in Germany, Italy, the UK, California, Florida, and New York. 

7. Lego has had music composed for the brand. 

Creative city by lego

A composer named Frederik Magle composed a symphony for an orchestra called LEGO Fantasia. The Lego group commissioned this symphony, and it premiered in 1997 with the London Philharmonic orchestra. A few years later, in 2002, The White Stripes released a music video for their song Fell in Love with a Girl, and featured Lego bricks in the video. 

8. There are 20 Lego Certified Professionals all over the world. 

These people are certified artists that use only Lego bricks to create their art. The most interesting thing about these artists is that the Lego group has recognized their work! This means that they can use both the logo and Lego name when creating art, and have formed a relationship with the company. These artists are American, European, Middle Eastern, and East Asian. 

9. Legos are featured prominently in popular culture. 

Japanese house created from legos

Aside from music, Legos have been either mentioned or featured in popular television shows like The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Happy Endings, and MythBusters. Lego bricks are also featured in their own movies, video games, and television shows. 

10. There are more than 900 million ways to combine Legos. 

It’s no secret that Legos are incredibly versatile toys. Research has shown that you can combine six pieces of eight stud Lego bricks in over 900 million ways! 


Is a 30-year-old Lego safe?

Yes, Legos that are older than 30 years are perfectly safe to play with. Research has shown that after testing older Lego sets, no harmful substances were found. 

What is the Lego motto?

The Lego motto is: Only the Best is Good Enough. 

Who is the CEO of Lego? 

Lego’s CEO is Niels B. Christiansen, who joined the company in 2017. 


In this article, we took you through a list of interesting and fun facts about Legos. These plastic bricks bring millions of children and adults joy all over the world! In 2023, there are thousands of Lego sets available to buy, and we highly recommend buying one for yourself the next time you pass a toy store.