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Maryland Facts

The small state of Maryland has played a huge part in American history. It participated in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.


Maryland was also important in the Industrial Revolution, America’s westward expansion, the Space Age, and more.

It’s also known for its beaches, hills, state parks, wildlife refuges, and even mountains.

For people who want to explore nature or explore history, Maryland is a great state to visit.


Quick Facts

Capital: Annapolis

Population: 6 million

Nickname: Old Line State, Free State

Key Cities: Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City, Columbia

Postal Abbreviation: MD


Major Industries: Aerospace and defense, fishing, life sciences, manufacturing, cyber security


How did Maryland get its name: Maryland was named in honor of queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I of England.


When settlers from England founded the colony of Maryland, the charter from King Charles I declared that it must be named after his wife.

Date admitted to the Union: Monday, April 28, 1788


Size: 12,407 sq. miles

Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean at sea level

ocean coastline

Highest point: Hoye Crest at 3,360 feet

Counties: 24

Famous locations: Antietam National Battleground, Fort McHenry, National Aquarium, Baltimore Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, Ocean City, Assateague Island

Famous Marylanders

Anna Faris- actress

Matthew Henson – Arctic explorer


Jada Pinkett Smith- actress

Michael Phelps- Olympic swimmer

Thurgood Marshall- Supreme Court justice


Joel Madden- singer

Babe Ruth- baseball player

Fun Facts

One of Maryland’s nicknames is “Little America” because it has all types of terrainmountains, beaches, sand dunes, farmland, forests, etc.

It also experiences a wide variety of weather and all four seasons.

weather satellites

Maryland is known for its tasty seafood, especially crabs. During lunch at Chesapeake Bay, more crab cakes are sold than hot dogs and hamburgers combined!

The state produces more blue crabs and soft clams than any other U.S. state.


The National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor receives 1.5 million visitors every year.

The aquarium displays more than 750 species in 2,200,000 gallons of water.

Another famous attraction in Maryland is Assateague Island, home of the famous wild Chincoteague ponies.

The island is visited by 2.1 million people every year.


The national anthem was written by Francis Scott Key, a lawyer from Maryland.

Legend has it that he wrote the National Anthem on September 14, 1814 while watching an attack on Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor.

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US flag

An American flag has flown over a monument marking the site of Francis Scott Key’s birth since May 30, 1949.

The first school in the United States, King Williams School, opened in Maryland in 1696. Maryland is also the home of the nation’s first dental school, which opened at the University of Maryland.

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