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Interesting Pentagon Facts For Kids 2024: [United States Department of Defense Headquarters]

Hey there, kids! Have you ever wondered about the big, five-sided building in Virginia? This building is called the Pentagon. 

The Pentagon is like the James Bond of all buildings!


The Pentagon is the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, which consists of all three Army, Navy, and Air Force services. 

Let’s dive in and learn some fun facts about the Pentagon.

Interesting Pentagon Facts For Kids

Size Matters

Whoa! The Pentagon is gigantic! It’s as big as 34 football fields put together. 

That’s a lot of room for hide-and-seek! It has five sides, each longer than three school buses parked in a row. 

Can you imagine running around a building that’s almost a mile long?

Super-Speedy Construction

When it came to building the Pentagon, they were like superheroes! 

They completed this massive building in record time. Faster than a speeding bullet! It took less than two years to finish, thanks to thousands of hardworking builders who worked day and night. 

Imagine if you could build your LEGO sets that quickly!

A Network of Corridors

Inside the Pentagon, there’s a labyrinth of corridors that connect different parts of the building. It’s like a giant maze! With more than 17 miles of corridors, it’s easy to get lost if you’re not careful. 

But don’t worry; you won’t get lost because there are plenty of signs to guide you. It’s like an adventure every time you walk through those long hallways!

Made of Concrete, Not Chocolate

Guess what? 

The Pentagon is made of mostly concrete. Not as tasty, but definitely stronger! 

They dug up a lot of sand and gravel from the neighboring Potomac River to build it. That’s like building a sandcastle, but way, way bigger!

Potomac River

A Shape Like No Other

The Pentagon has a particular shape compared to ordinary buildings. It’s not a boring rectangle or a plain square. It’s a pentagon, a five-sided shape.

Five sides mean five times the fun! 

Do you know what else is cool? It was designed this way to fit perfectly on its original site, just like finding the right puzzle piece.

Walk, Don’t Run

You’d better put on your walking shoes inside the Pentagon because it’s like a mini city. 

It has more than 17 miles of hallways. But don’t worry, and you won’t get lost because they have lots of signs to show you the way.

A Room with a Boom

Did you know that the Pentagon has a secret room? 

Shh, it’s a big secret! 

Back when they were building it, they made a hidden room for one of the bosses to stay in. It was like their own private hideout. I bet they had lots of fun secrets in there. 

 Who knows what kind of adventures they had in that special room?

A Massive Parking Lot

With so many people working at the Pentagon, it’s no surprise that they need a lot of space to park their cars. The Pentagon has it all figured out!

They have a massive parking lot that can accommodate around 10,000 cars. Imagine a parking lot as big as a small town – that’s how huge it is! It’s like having a sea of cars ready to go. 

It’s quite a sight to see!

A Place for Everyone

Guess what? 

The Pentagon was a trailblazer when it came to fairness and equality. Back in the old days, segregation was the norm in Virginia, but the Pentagon said, “No way!” It became the first building in the state where everyone, regardless of skin color or background, could work together.

It was like a big high-five to equality!

The Atomic Surprise

Meet Col. Leslie Groves, the brains behind the Pentagon’s construction. He worked day and night to make it happen. 

Life is full of surprises, and Col. Groves got a big one! 

After the Pentagon, he thought he might find some peace. But guess what? He was given an important job – leading the Manhattan Project. It was a secret mission to build an atomic bomb. 

Col. Groves traded a quiet life for something huge!

A Place of Honor

Inside the Pentagon, there’s a heroic room known as the “Hall of Heroes.” It’s a place that pays tribute to the courageous men and women who have received the prestigious Medal of Honor. 

Place of Honor Hall of Heroes

These remarkable individuals have done extraordinary things to protect our country and keep us safe. In the Hall of Heroes, their stories are shared, and their bravery is celebrated.

It’s like a superhero movie, but instead of superheroes with capes, it’s filled with real-life heroes who have made a difference. 

A Helicopter Landing Pad

Did you know that the Pentagon has its own helipad? Yes, it’s true! 

Helicopters can land right on top of this famous building. 

This helipad allows important people to arrive and depart swiftly, bypassing traffic and saving precious time. It’s like having a VIP entrance in the air, soaring above the hustle and bustle. Whoosh!

A Swanky Shopping Center

Believe it or not, the Pentagon has its own shopping center. It’s not your ordinary shopping center, though. It’s tucked away inside this colossal building, making it super convenient for the hardworking folks at the Pentagon.

Inside this mini city, they can grab a quick bite to eat or browse through various stores. It is kind of like having a mall right at their house, filled with all sorts of goodies. 

Who wouldn’t love a little retail therapy during their break hours?


The Pentagon is more than just a powerful symbol of national defense. It’s a place where hardworking individuals come together to protect our country. With its massive parking lot, special Hall of Heroes, helicopter landing pad, and even its own shopping center, the Pentagon is a world of its own.

So, the next time you see a picture of the Pentagon, remember the heroes inside and be inspired by their courage. 

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find your own way to be a hero too! 

Keep dreaming big!