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Snakes Facts For Kids

Discover our cool snake facts! Then check out our quiz sheet in the activity section at the end to test how much you’ve learned in class or at home.

Ooohhh snakes; you either love them or hate them. In some countries they are seen as bad luck, while in other countries they are good luck.

And in other places, you just run and hide!


Do Snakes Have Healing Powers?

First, did you know that many people believe that snakes have healing powers?

Well, here’s a strange one for you. If you know someone who can’t see properly or their hair is falling out, then suggest that they drink some snake wine.

Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Let’s see how it’s made. 

First, you have to put a large venomous snake in a bottle of rice wine with turtles, insects, birds and herbs and leave it for several months then serve it in little cupfuls.


Now, the problem is how you are going to get that venomous snake and all the other creatures into a bottle? Don’t think this one is fun enough to try doing. What do you think?

If you can’t get all the ingredients then snake’s blood will work too.

If there aren’t any venomous snakes, geckos or sea horses will do! Sounds pretty cruel, doesn’t it. Well, recipes like this were used in China since 771 BC, Vietnam and South East Asia.


Don’t think it would be cool to be the one making recipes like these!

Do you know how the game Snakes and Ladders was invented? Well, this is really interesting. In ancient India, Hindu spiritual teachers created the game to teach children to be good.

It was called ‘Moksha Patam’ or ‘Leela’.


The game was taken to England in 1892 and later to America, but changed a bit to suit the customs there.  Even back then it was played with a dice.

If you threw the dice and it landed on a ladder, you’d go up the ladder and find pictures of angels and majestic beings.

This was like saying ‘it’s better to be nice and do good deeds so you can become the best person possible’.  Wow, that’s interesting.

butterfly on flower

If you ended up on a snake then you had to go down and the pictures would be things like animals, flowers and people.

Animals, flowers and people are not horrible at all, but in Hindu belief it meant that if you were horrible, or if you stole or killed others, you would never mix with the angels and would always stay on the ground with the snakes and rocks.

Next time you play snakes and ladders, remember where it comes from! It’s probably best to go up and not down!

snakes and ladders

If a snake gets into your outside sewer pipe (the place that gets rid of all your toilet stuff), take a wild guess where that snake is going to come out?

Yup, we don’t even have to say it…but yes in your toilet maybe.

An Australian man says that when it gets really stormy the heavy rains flush the rats and mice out of their holes in the garden.

huge snake

If there’s a hungry snake prying about, and he chases his prey he’ll land up in the sewer pipes and there’s no turning back for him! He just has to keep on going.

So, sometimes, and only sometimes snakes have been found in people’s toilets. But now you know why.

Don’t worry about this, as it’s not often, but there have been some people that have been bitten by snakes in the toilet and someone took a 9 foot (nearly 3 meter) python out of a loo in Australia.

Can you imagine coming across that? Wow!


If you’re travelling to Indonesia do you fancy a massage by pythons? Yes you did read correctly!

If you want to relax, three pythons called Jasmine, Muscle and Brown – who are 6 foot long! (nearly 2 meters) – will massage away all those aching muscles.

You lie back on the massage bed and they move around on you, rolling on your stomach and back and lying over your neck with their mouths tied up with sticky tape.


No, no, no…this does not sound like fun at all.

Even crazier, two attendants stay with you and keep the snakes moving so that they don’t decide to curl up on you and go to sleep.

They live in a plastic box and are cleaned with antiseptic before they start work. Poor snakes!

python in a box

The animal rights movement are not too happy at all about making the snakes work like this! But the owner of the snake says that they enjoy their work tremendously and they are like his family.

And in fact each night he gives them a kiss and a cuddle before they lay down to rest.

It would be interesting to know what their faces look like if they’re enjoying something – maybe they smile!

snake smiling

There’s a snake that looks like a whip. How weird is that. Its head is nearly the same size as its body, so from far away you can’t actually tell which end you’re looking at.

They’re called Coachwhip snakes. Some of the adult snakes are about 6.5 feet (nearly 2 meters) long and are very fast.

Coachwhip snake

This snake though is very different to other snakes. Most snakes wait around patiently for their food, but the Coachwhip snake chases after their prey to make sure they get that delicious meal.

They eat other reptiles like frogs, lizards, other snakes, rodents and even birds. You can find them in the US and Mexico.


Previously, a 30 foot (9 meter) long snake was apparently the biggest snake in the world. Hardly surprising. It would not have be fun to come across this snake in the jungle.

It held the world record for being the longest snake, and was found in Indonesia in 1912. But surprisingly there’s an even bigger snake that’s been found, which has been called “Fragrant Flower”.


It is 50 feet (about 15 meters) long, which is nearly twice the length of a London bus! Whoa.

She weighs 70 stone (445 kilograms)…she clearly likes to eat!

She now lives in a zoo in the village of Curugsewu on the island of Java. Villagers caught it because they were afraid of it. Did you know that pythons can open their jaws so wide they can eat a person whole?

Yes, they definitely did the right thing!

Now there are some snake facts we bet you didn’t know! Watch out wherever you are, and we strongly suggest that you don’t make any snake remedies to help people!

Do you have any other snake facts for us?

Activity Time – Quiz

quiz activity

Click to download or print our snake facts quiz sheet to use in class or at home! Questions about Snakes (all answers can be found on this page).