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5 Fun And Simple Science Experiments For Kids


Looking for educational, fun activities to keep you and the kids busy?

Well search no more, because here we have five simple yet entertaining science experiments for kids to try out at home!

Science experiments turn work into play in a way that will capture their attention and imagination, and make learning fun.

1. Color Changing Flowers!

You’ll Need:

• 1 or 2 white flowers

• Water

• Food coloring

• Small glass cups

lily stems


1. Cut your flower stems nice and short. The shorter the stems are, the quicker the flowers will change color!

Make sure to cut the bottom of the stem at a slanted angle, as this makes it easier for the color to travel up the stem.

2. Put your flowers into separate glasses. Fill them halfway with water.

3. Get two different food colorings, and put a couple of drops in each container with the flowers.

4. Watch and wait as the color travels up the stem, and changes the color of the white petals!



Plants drink up water through their stems to help them grow. When plants do this, it’s called ‘capillary action’.

The reason the stem and petals change color is because the water they’re absorbing is a different color.

2. Tornado In A Bottle

You’ll Need:

• Washing up liquid

• A plastic bottle with a cap

• Glitter

• Water



1. Fill the water bottle about three-quarters full. Now add a couple of drops of washing up liquid.

2. Sprinkle some glitter into the mixture so your tornado will shine!

3. Tighten the cap, then turn the bottle upside down. Swirl it round and round for a couple of seconds. See the mini tornado appear in the water!



When you spin the bottle, you create a water vortex, like a tornado! Spinning the bottle creates ‘centripetal force’.

Other vortexes found in nature are hurricanes, dust devils, and fire whirls.

3. Fizzy Volcano

You’ll Need:

• Vinegar

• A plastic container

• Baking Soda

• Paper towels (in case you make a mess!)


1. Put the baking soda into the container, then add some vinegar

2. Watch the fizzing reaction happen!


The vinegar is an acid, which means a reaction occurs when it is mixed with baking soda, which is alkaline. Their reaction creates carbonic acid, which causes all the fizzing.


Tip: If you’re good at crafting, make a paper maché volcano to surround the container and make your fizzing eruption look even cooler!

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4. Cloud Jar

You’ll Need:

• A lidded mason jar

• Hairspray

• Ice

• Boiled water


1. Boil a kettle and pour a small amount of water into the jar. Swirl the water to heat the rest of the jar up.

2. Put the lid upside down and put some ice cubes onto it. Rest the lid with the ice cubes on top of the jar. Do this for a few seconds.

3. Take it off and quickly spray hairspray into the jar. Then rest the lid with ice back on top of the jar. You should see clouds begin to form in the jar.


Clouds need warm and cool air to form. When you trap hot water in the jar, the warmth rises and is cooled by the ice on the lid of the jar.

When the warm air cools it wants to become a liquid again. The hairspray provides a surface to the water vapor to turn into cloud droplets.


5. Make A Rainbow

You’ll Need:

• A Prism

• A piece of paper

• A sunny day!


1. Place the prism on a piece of paper in the line of direct sunlight. Watch as rainbows refract from the prism!


When sunlight shines through the prism, the light refracts or bends. When it does it separates the white light so you can see all the colors on the spectrum!

We hope you enjoy with these simple science experiments which make learning science fun!

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