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The Egg Drop Challenge

Do you want to learn about physics? Do you want to understand the effects of weight, mass, and structure?

Then go get an egg, and we’ll show you how to drop it. Drop it without breaking it that is.

We’re going to tell you how to do the egg drop test. And beware, it will test all your science skills. You’re going to need to put your lab coats on for this one cause it might get messy.


1. What Is The Goal Of The Egg Drop Test?

When you’re doing an experiment, you should always use the scientific method.

So, you need to have a goal and a hypothesis.

The goal of the egg drop test is to see if it’s possible to drop an egg without breaking it.

Now it’s your turn to do some research and make a hypothesis. How do you think it’s possible to drop an egg without breaking it and while using the smallest mass? What materials could you use?

Go to your local library, look on the internet. There is lots of information about materials that could cushion something.

books in bookshop

Make a prediction using everything you already know about physics and the materials you have available.

And now write down your prediction on a piece of paper so that you’ll remember it when you run your experiment.

2. Gather Needed Supplies

Of course, you’re going to need an egg for the egg drop test. It can’t be cooked or boiled. That’s cheating. It has to be an egg that’s still liquid inside.

And make sure it’s not rotten. You don’t want to be dropping stink bombs.

What other materials did you research for your egg drop experiment?


You probably will gather things like paper and tissue, straws and cotton. Think light or bouncy.

Now you will need other supplies like tape or glue or scissors.

3. The Experiment Phase

In the scientific method, you have two categories you are testing. A control group and an experimental group.

The control group is a test in normal conditions.

Normal conditions for an egg drop test would be a drop without any protection.

Take a dozen eggs, or more if you are allowed.

Now divide them into two groups: experimental and control.

Now measure a particular height you want to drop the eggs from.


The height should be the same for each egg.

Make sure that when you do drop the eggs, you stand on a stable surface that won’t tip. And don’t make it too high. If your parent or teacher wants to, they can drop them from a higher place.

If your parent or teacher wants to, they can drop them from a higher place. But you should only drop from the height of standing on a table or a chair.

Now build the structure you hypothesized and planned around the eggs in the experiment group.

Then drop each of the control eggs and write down what happens, writing down what happens with each drop.

Then drop each of the experiment eggs, writing down what happens with each drop.

red eggs


Was your hypothesis correct? Did your contraption work?

If you want, challenge your friends to a competition to see who can drop an egg without breaking it!

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