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Fascinating Azerbaijan Facts for Kids With Pictures! (2024 Updated!)

Let me begin with a fun fact: Azerbaijan is two places all at once. How? The Republic of Azerbaijan, or simply Azerbaijan, is a beautiful country that is situated on both the European and Asian continents at the same time. Azerbaijan shares borders with many and is considered to be a part of Eastern Europe, western Asia, and the Middle East. 

Azerbaijan Facts for Kids

The capital of the country is Baku, and Azerbaijani or Azeri is the official language here, spoken by about 92.6% of the population. 

It is a beautiful country, and hence, we collected a few fun facts about Azerbaijan for kids who are curious like you!

Fun Historical Facts about Azerbaijan

  1. Have you heard of the famous Silk Road? Well, it was a trade route during the Middle Ages, and Azerbaijan was an important stop. Merchant caravans with spices to expensive silk passed through here on their way from China to Europe and vice versa. 
Flag of Azerbaijan
  1. Archaeologists found really old stone tools and remains of some of the world’s earliest humans dating back 1.5 million years in a cave called Azokh Cave! Guess what? This makes Azerbaijan one of the longest continually inhabited places on Earth!!
  1. In 1918, Azerbaijan established a government away from religious control and became the first secular democratic republic in the Muslim world. 

Cultural Facts about Azerbaijan

  1. Azerbaijan is famous for its beautiful handwoven carpets. The design has flowers, animals, and architectural themes woven in bright colors. Every single carpet takes many skilled artisans and many months to create. 
Beautiful Streets of Azerbaijan
  1. Tea is very important to Azerbaijan culture. Tea was introduced to Azerbaijan by the Turks. Today tea is a part of every family and friend gatherings and a symbol of hospitality. They enjoy tea with local herbs and fruit preserves or sweets like Shekerbura pastries. 
  1. Persians have their own new year called Novruz. This new year is celebrated in every march with bonfires, music, and fun jumping over the small flames to burn bad luck and bring in good ones! 
  1. They have their own traditional singing with musicians and a warbling throat technique. It is called Mugham. 

Fascinating Geography Facts about Azerbaijan 

  1. Azerbaijan is a small country, but they have 9 out of 11 of the world’s climate zones within its terrain from mountains to plains. They have snowy winters and hot summers all in one small country!!
Mountain view in  Azerbaijan
  1. Hold on to your hats because Azerbaijan has over 350 volcanic mud pits bubbling away!! The mud and gas are pushed to the surface in the form of little volcanos due to the underground geologic actions. 
  1. Azerbaijan is known to be the “Land of Fire.” Why? Because of the natural gas fires on the Absheron Peninsula.  Azerbaijan also has flames starting on their own from the ground at the Yanar Dag or “Burning Mountain”. This fire is fueled by gas underground and has continuously burned for over 65 years!
Bridge made from stones in Azerbaijan
  1. Azerbaijan has a disconnected piece of land called Nakhchivan. Local legend says it’s where Noah’s ark landed, so they call it the “Place of Noah.”

Fun Local Cuisine Facts

  1. Like all of us, Azerbaijan also has a national dish! It is called Plov. What is it made of? It is a rice pilaf mixed with lamb, carrots, saffron, and other warming spices. Basically a great comfort food!
Traditional Food Azerbaijan
  1. Do you like pomegranates? Then Azerbaijan will be a paradise for you! The region grows some of the juiciest pomegranates you’ll ever taste. Every October, pomegranates are harvested with a big festive celebration. 
  1.  Azerbaijan is also famous for its unique wild mountain honey made by bees feeding on gorgeous high-altitude flowers! It has a special tangy flavor. 

Weird and Quirky Facts about Azerbaijan

  1. Azerbaijan is home to over 40% of the world’s bubbling, gurgling mud volcanoes! Which is more than any other country!
Azerbaijan's Currency
  1. Have you been to Italy? Have you seen the canal in Venice? Well, Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, recreated Italy’s famous canal city with a mini “Venice” district inside!
  1. Azerbaijan flows oil! By 1901, Azerbaijan was producing more than half the world’s oil. They were the first center of the petroleum industry. 
  1. Azerbaijan’s Oil Rocks City is full of rigs, and people live out there. It is a city standing way out in the Caspian Sea on the top of a network of oil platforms that are connected by long bridges.  


What languages do people speak in Azerbaijan?

The official language is Azerbaijani, a Turkic language that uses the Latin alphabet. But many also speak Russian and Persian due to historical influences.

Why is Novruz New Year such a big deal there?

As an ancient Zoroastrian celebration of spring, it has deep cultural and agricultural roots marking the end of winter. Jumping fires to burn bad luck & start fresh.

How did Azerbaijan end up with so many different climate zones?

It’s located at a unique geographic crossroads of different landforms. Has tall Caucasus mountains, fertile lowlands, dry deserts, and lush coastal regions along the Caspian Sea.

What are some other unique Azerbaijani dishes we would eat there?

Try Tandir bread baked in clay ovens, sweet baklava pastries with nuts & honey, and dolma-stuffed grape leaves from the region’s bountiful produce.


Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with a lot of oil and pomegranates! They have fun festivals and arts that you can enjoy and have delicious food! If you want to see Italy and Azerbaijan all at once, you can do it here!

Our minds grow by learning and understanding about the cultures across the world. I am sure that the life of Azerbaijan is much different from your home country. 

Visit such places with your parents or go alone when you’re older. See the world and keep on learning!