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Animal Group Names – Collective Nouns

Ever see a bunch of animals together and wonder what they’re called?

We’ve covered our animal friends in depth, but have you ever wondered what a group of giraffes is called, or a group of iguanas? Well, let’s find out!

Animal Group Names

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What do you think is the funniest name below? I quite like a ‘shrewdness’!

  • Albatross: a rookery of albatross
  • Antelopes: a herd of antelope
  • Ants: a colony, army, swarm or nest of ants
ants clean birds
  • Apes: a shrewdness of apes
  • Baboons: a troop or flange of baboons
  • Badgers: a cete of badgers
  • Barracudas: a battery of barracudas
  • Bats: a colony or cloud of bats
  • Bears: a sloth or a sleuth of bears
bear facts for kids
  • Bees: a swarm of bees
  • Birds (chicks / baby birds): a brood or clutch of chicks
  • Birds (in flight): a flight of birds
  • Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy of buffaloes
  • Butterflies: a kaleidoscope of butterflies
  • Camels: a caravan of camels
camels for kids
  • Cats: a clowder or a glaring of cats
  • Cobras: a quiver of cobras
  • Crocodiles: a bask of crocodiles
  • Crows: a murder of crows
  • Dogs: a pack of dogs
donkey facts
  • Donkeys: a drove of donkeys
  • Eagles: a convocation of eagles
  • Elephants: a parade of elephants
  • Elk: a gang or a herd of elk
  • Falcons: a cast of falcons
  • Ferrets: a business of ferrets
  • Fish: a school or a shoal of fish
  • Flamingos: a stand of flamingos (beautiful, aren’t they?)
flamingo facts
  • Fox: a charm of foxes (a clever animal!)
  • Frogs: an army of frogs
  • Geese: a gaggle of geese
giraffe spots
  • Giraffes: a tower of giraffes
  • Goats: a tribe, trip, drove, herd or flock of goats
  • Gorillas: a band of gorillas
how big do gorillas get
  • Hippopotami (plural of hippopotamus!): a bloat of hippopotami
  • Hyenas: a cackle of hyenas
  • Jaguars: a shadow of jaguars
jellyfish for kids
  • Jellyfish: a smack of jellyfish
  • Kangaroos: a mob of kangaroos
  • Kittens (cats): a litter or kindle of kittens
  • Larks: a group of larks
  • Monkeys: a group of monkeys is called a troop (how fun are these guys – quite like humans?!)
  • Nightingales: a watch of nightingales
monkeys for kids
  • Owls: a parliament of owls
  • Parrots: a company or pandemonium of parrots
  • Peacocks: an ostentation of peacocks
dog information
  • Puppies (dogs): a litter of puppies (or just ‘litter’)
  • Quails: a covey of quail
  • Rattlesnakes: a rhumba of rattlesnakes
  • Ravens: an unkindness of ravens (aw!)
  • Rhinoceroses: a rash or stubbornness of rhinos
  • Salmon: a run of salmon
shark teeth
  • Seabirds: a wreck of seabirds
  • Sharks: a shiver of sharks
  • Storks: a mustering or muster of storks
  • Turkeys: a gang or rafter of turkeys
  • Turtles: a bale or a nest of turtles

Walruses: a herd or pod of walruses

Weasels: a colony, gang or pack of weasles

Whales: a pod, school, or gam of whales

Wolves: a pack of wolves


Woodpeckers: a descent of woodpeckers

Worms: a bed, clew, bunch or clat of worms

Wrens: a herd of wrens

Zebra Facts

Zebras: a zeal of zebras

We hope you enjoyed these! What is the weirdest name for a group of animals you’ve seen here?

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