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12 Enthralling Ecuador Facts For Kids 2022 [Amazing Facts]

Aren’t we eager to learn some fun facts about Ecuador? However, for many of us, Ecuador, one of the famous South American countries, is mainly associated with the exclusive vacation destination – The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Facts For Kids

Though tiny, Ecuador is packed with unique and undeniably impressive things, from adventurous jungles to magnificent mountains. Straddling the center of the earth, the perfect blend of the country’s terrestrial and cultural beauty and its prestigious location on the equator made it a true paradise in South America.

Ecuador is a country situated in Western South America on the coastline of the Pacific ocean. It is the only country in the world named after the geographical feature. Let’s explore some exquisite secrets of Ecuador.

12 Ecuador Facts for Kids

There are so many reasons you will love the country; however, here we have listed out the top 12 Ecuador facts for kids that you probably haven’t heard before and will make you desire to hop on a plane and explore the country yourself.

The intriguing story behind the flag

intriguing story behind the flag

The Ecuadorian flag features three stripes of colors with a clear coat of arms. There is a reason why it looks similar to the national flags of Colombia and Venezuela. All these three nations were part of Gran Colombia and are still using the derivative of the Gran Colombia flag. 

The horizontal stripes have three colors. The red honors the blood of heroes who fight for independence, the blue portrays the clear skies and oceans, and the yellow represents the fertile soils in the nation. The coat of arms also holds the importance of symbolizing the nation’s history, geography, strength, economy, and dignity. 

A dual seasoned nation Known for its megadiverse landscape

megadiverse landscape

Unlike its neighboring country Colombia, Ecuador has only two seasons – Wet and dry seasons. It is because the government is located directly on the equator. It means the country will have 12 hours of daylight throughout 365 days of the year. Even during the rainy season, most of the daytime temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Is it a perfect destination for a vacation?

Despite its small size, Ecuador is one of the megadiverse countries. It has the most significant biodiversity level per square kilometer/mile of any place. Amphibians, 5% of reptile species, and 16% of bird species are found in Ecuador, which has only 0.2% of the world’s surface.

The tale of the name Ecuador

Have you ever thought about why Ecuador was named Ecuador? The name originated based on its location – straddling the invisible line, the equator that runs around the earth’s center. The term Ecuador means the Equator in Spanish.

The closest place to space and Nature has its right in Ecuador.

Ecuador closest place to space and Nature

You may think Mount Everest is the closest point to space due to its substantial height. You are wrong! Yes, Ecuador is most proximate to space since Mount Chimborazo is 1.5 miles higher than Mount Everest. 

Wondering how? Earth is not a perfect sphere; due to the rotation, it will bulge slightly at the equator. Ecuador sits right on the bulge, leading to a high level of mountain peaks.

Ecuador emerged as the first country in the world to officially provide the rights to nature in the year 2008. The country’s former President, Rafael Correa, introduced the law, which gave mother nature the constitutional right they fondly refer to as ‘Pachamama’.

The system implicates the relationship between humans and nature, emphasizing and celebrating the role of nature in the universe. Being a nature lover might make you fall in love with the country even more.

The legendary Panama Hats are actually from Ecuador.

legendary Panama Hats

Yes, you read it right, the iconic hand-woven Panama hats originated from Ecuador. They are made from the toquilla palm plants, notable for their strong and durable fibers. 

The natives traditionally wore this famous hat in the Andean and coastal regions of Ecuador in the mid-1600s. It seems like it starts as a humble way of weaving the palm plant to protect people from hazardous sunlight.

Quito is the second most elevated capital city in the world.

Quito is the second most elevated capital city in the world

Yes, the capital city of Quito, located in the Andes mountains with a staggering 9350 feet above sea level, is the second highest city in the world. It means to take a few steps down to the town and panting like you are running a marathon. The altitude is challenging.

Owns the pride of being the first female president

Though she has only served for two days, Rosalia Artega is proud of being the First Female President. In 1996, she initially served as Vice President. 

However, after Abdala Bucaram was removed from the office by Congress, she was sworn into the position on February 9. Bucaram again took office on February 11, with the support of Congress and the army, resulting in Arteaga’s resignation.

You must vote in Ecuador

must vote in Ecuador

Thanks to the law passed back in 1936, the people of Ecuador do have a choice in not having choice when it comes to voting, which is one of the exciting facts about the country. 

People between the ages of 18 and 65 have the right to vote. Even if you are 16, you can go through the process. Even a foreigner can vote once they complete the necessary registration process.

World’s first UNESCO world heritage site

World's first UNESCO world heritage site

During the first UNESCO World Heritage Conference in 1978, the Galapagos Islands were mentioned 32 places in the inaugural list as world heritage sites. 

Ecuador is all about bananas

Ecuador is all about bananas

Trust us when we say this, the country’s biggest export is the delicious yellow fruits everyone loves. The number is so significant that Ecuador ranks as one of the top exported bananas globally. It accounts for around 25% of banana production, outperforming its competitors, the Philippines and Colombia.

The most remarkable species of tortoises reside in Ecuador and is Famed as Bird Watcher’s paradise

Do you know that Ecuador has the largest species of tortoises on our planet? One of the impressive things about the Galapagos Islands is its giant tortoise which can grow on average to 4 feet and weigh around 475 pounds.  

Furthermore, the infamous Galapagos Tortoise, named Lonesome George, holds the crown for the longest living vertebrate, with an average lifespan of over 100 years. He is one of the famous Pinta tortoises and the last of his kind.

You can’t deny that Ecuador has all Mother Nature’s gifts. Given that, Ecuador has more bird species per square kilometer than any other country. 

There are 1632 confirmed bird species, and approximately 48 more hypothetical ones have been found till now. With plenty of feathers to flap, the country is undoubtedly a paradise for avid Bird watchers.

The study of evolution starts here.

study of evolution starts here

We are sure you have studied or heard about Charles Darwin’s Evolution theory. How did he come up with ideas that led to the theory of evolution? He developed the concept of evolution in the Galapagos Islands.

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Being the fourth-smallest nation in South America, Ecuador never fails to amaze us with these magnificent facts, from historical links to ancient Incas to authentic modern-day exports. 

Ecuador is a renowned country unlike any other, let it be its wealth of diversity or about wandering around the Amazon rainforest, which will pique your interest and steal your heart. Read more interesting facts about different countries on Cool Kid Facts.