Glass Frog Facts

Glass Frogs

A glass frog is also known as a ‘see-through frog’ because of its translucent skin. ‘Translucent’ means you can see right through something. You can see a glass frog’s heart and organs through their skin.

Glass frogs live in warm climates in Central and South America, in countries such as Mexico.


Glass Frog Facts:

  • Glass frogs love tropical climates and live in rainforests, usually high above the water in treetops. This means they have a great view and a home all to themselves (well maybe!).
  • There are 60 different types of glass frog.
  • Glass frogs are usually bright green or olive green in color, and are hard to spot.
  • Some scientists believe that a glass frog is green in color so they are harder for predators to spot, helping to keep them safe.
  • Glass frogs are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. They eat lots of different types of spiders and other insects.
  • They usually live for around 10-14 years.
  • These frogs come in different sizes, depending on the species. Smaller species may be less than 1 inch long, but longer species may be around 3 inches in length.
  • Glass frogs prefer to come out at night, meaning they are nocturnal animals.
  • They are also territorial animals, and will make a noise to ward off other animals from entering their territory. They may also use force to keep others out of their territory.
  • Male glass frogs play an important parental role in keeping the eggs safe from insects and other parasites that may prey on the eggs.

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