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Mount Rushmore Facts for Kids

Mount Rushmore, often referred to as “the President’s Mountain,” is situated in Keystone, South Dakota’s Black Hills. On August 10, 1927, President Calvin Coolidge officially dedicated the mountain with a ceremonial drilling depicting the faces of the 4 presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, occurring in this sequence.

In this article, we will be stating some of the most interesting facts about Mount Rushmore for kids to learn about.

Some basic facts about Mount Rushmore:

Mount Rushmore Facts for Kids
  • Name: Mount Rushmore
  • Location: Pennington County, South Dakota, USA
  • GPS Coordinates: 43°52’44″N 103°27’35″W
  • Building Type: Colossal Sculpture
  • Built: Between October 4th, 1927, and October 31st, 1941
  • Annual Visitors: 2.3 million (2018)
  • Annual Revenue: $142.2 million (local communities, 2016)

Here are some of the interesting facts for kids about Mount Rushmore:

12 Interesting Facts for Kids about Mount Rushmore:

1. Doane Robinson, regarded as the “Father of Mount Rushmore,” created Mount Rushmore National Park.

His objective was to establish a lure that would bring visitors from all across the country to his state. Robinson called Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who was working on the Stone Mountain, Georgia, memorial, to design this magnificent sculptor. This project began in 1927 and was finished in 1941.

2. Mount Rushmore was carved using dynamite.

Mount Rushmore was carved using dynamite

With 450,000 tonnes of stone to remove, the sculptor discovered early on that jackhammers would not be able to finish the project quickly enough. He hired a munitions expert to place dynamite charges into drilled holes and blast the rock away once the workmen were off the mountain. Eventually, dynamite was used to remove 90% of the granite from the rock face.

3. Mount Rushmore is referred to as the “Shrine of Democracy.”

Mount Rushmore depicts four of the most notable presidents of the United States’ first 150 years: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson, portraying the ideal democratic nation. It is thus, also known as the “Shrine of Democracy.”

4. It took around 400 employees to build Mount Rushmore.

took around 400 employees to build Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore was built for $989,992.32 at the time. This was a large sum of money at the time. The project would cost more than $14.5 million in 2019 after inflation. From 1927 through 1941, the 400 workers at Mount Rushmore were doing more than just running a jackhammer and earning $8.00 a day; they were creating a memorial that people from all across the country and the world would come to see for centuries.

5. There is a secret room in Mount Rushmore.

Just behind Abraham Lincoln’s hairline stands a secret, inaccessible-to-the-public chamber tucked inside Lincoln’s frontal lobe at Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota. Borglum envisioned the vault as a chamber dedicated to the history of the United States. This secret room majorly has bronze and glass cases storing key historical documents such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

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6. Mount Rushmore is lighted for two hours every night.

Mount Rushmore is lighted for two hours every night

The Evening Lighting Ceremony takes place at Mount Rushmore every night. It is a part of their night program when the huge lights are turned on each day to illuminate the monument at night. There is a big tourist center and a documentary on the lowest floor discussing the presidents shown and when/why they were chosen.

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7. Many species of birds may be found at Mount Rushmore at various times of the year.

Mount Rushmore’s vegetation and fauna are comparable to that of the remainder of South Dakota’s Black Hills area. Birds such as the turkey vulture, bald eagle, hawk, and meadowlark soar about Mount Rushmore, occasionally nesting on the mountain’s ledges. The neighboring pine trees are home to smaller birds such as songbirds, nuthatches, and woodpeckers. 

8. Mount Rushmore was named after a lawyer from New York.

Incredibly, the mountain was named after a New York attorney on business who inquired about the location’s name in 1884 or 1885. According to a letter from Charles E. Rushmore, the lawyer who was in the region for a client exploring a mine, a local guy among the group gazing at the peak informed him that it didn’t have a name but stated, “We will name it today, and name it Rushmore Peak.” He contributed $5,000 to the creation of the mountain that bears his name.

9. The Rushmore memorial requires annual monitoring, cleaning, and crack sealing, which is done by skilled mountain climbers.

The Rushmore memorial

In 1998, a monitoring system was established as part of the efforts to protect Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Along several of the larger fissures, electronic devices capable of sensing even minor movement in three dimensions were installed. The temperature of the air and the rock surface is also recorded by the devices. Many efforts are being made to maintain Mount Rushmore. In 1998, 8,000 feet of camouflaged copper wire was installed to assist monitor 144 hairline fractures. In 2009, copper wire was replaced by fiber optic cable.

10. Each president’s face stands almost 60 feet tall.

George Washington’s head stands 60 feet tall, with a nose that is 21 feet tall. Abraham Lincoln’s head is somewhat smaller than Theodore Roosevelt’s. Their eyes span approximately 11 feet wide, their nose spans 20 feet, and their mouths span 18 feet.

11. George Washington is the most complete U.S. President on Mount Rushmore.

George Washington

In reality, Mount Rushmore was initially intended to house a head-to-toe representation of each U.S. President. However, the money ran out before the project could be completed. George Washington’s sculpture is the most prominent one out of all the other presidents.

12. President Jefferson was moved over in the sculpture.

President Jefferson

The carving of Thomas Jefferson’s visage began in 1931, on the right of George Washington. However, the granite there was densely packed with quartz. Workers continued to blast away at the quartz, but after 18 months, they recognized that the site was simply not working. His face was blown off with explosives and then carved on the opposite side.


Mount Rushmore is still intact with all four noses, chins, and foreheads, as well as all eight eyes, nostrils, lips, and ears, and we would hope for it to remain that way.We hope you enjoyed the above interesting facts about Mount Rushmore; for more such facts for kids, you can visit our website!